July 21, 2014

Don’t let your brand go unnoticed!

Your brand churns out a lot of great presentations. You even get lot of views on them. But are you sure viewers are paying attention to your brand while consuming it? Or do they just consume the content and go away?

Here’s what you need to do to ensure that users notice your brand the next time they view your presentation on authorSTREAM: 

1) Display your Banner on the Presentation Page:
It’s time you start using the most popular form of Internet advertising on your presentation pages - Banner ads. It’s also the most preferred medium to market your brand. Placed strategically on top of the page, stretching from one end of the screen to the other, it will be difficult if not possible to ignore your brand.

What’s more, you can even link the banner and teleport the viewers straight to your website! Here’s how one of our users have used their company's banner for more brand visibility

To keep the viewer focused on your content, you can even turn off presentation transcript, ads on your pages and related presentations by other users.

2) Brand your Presentation Channels
Channel is an awesome way to showcase all your presentations around a particular theme. You can create a channel on technology, another on social media, and another on education. What’s great is that authorSTREAM lets you brand these channels in ways more than one so that you can give a boost to your brand and business. Here’s what you can do:
  • Insert your company’s banner on top and link it to your website
  • Advertise your products or services within the ad slot 
  • Customize channels with theme, colors, and a background image that enhances your company’s branding
  • Organize page elements by adding or removing widgets from the page
  • Increase your social media following by adding your Facebook, Twitter widgets

3) Brand Presentation Embeds with Company Logo
A great way to brand your presentations is by replacing authorSTREAM logo with your company’s logo on the presentation player. That ways, whenever you embed your presentation on your blog or somebody else inserts it in their blog, your brand gets noticed and your logo is displayed in a big way. 

If you do not want to add your company’s logo, you can choose white-labeled presentation embeds (sans any logo). You can even customize your embeds with themes, border color, border size, etc. Here’s how the presentation embed appears with company’s logo: 

Aren’t these great ways to increase your brand visibility online! 

Since you are part of this business world, you would obviously be into creating and sharing presentations too. So why not make maximum profit from those presentations and bring value for your brand and business.

authorSTREAM gives these branding options to premium users. Give them a try and see the difference. To know more about these branding options, contact us today. 

July 17, 2014

You give PowerPoint a bad name!

Death by PowerPoint and how to fix it
Image Credit: Presentation by SlideComet

Have you experienced ‘Death by PowerPoint’? That horrifying moment when you feel those ugly bullet points on slides might actually come out of the screen and kill you. Or the mind-numbing text on slides might lull you to a sleep never to wake up again. Or the sinking of heart beat knowing that you’ll have to listen to that presenter for another 45 minutes.

If you have experienced that death, we are very sorry for you. Now give us an honest answer- Have you killed with PowerPoint? In other words, are you guilty of committing all those crimes yourselves?

Don’t worry, we are not here to punish you. We want you to be one of those presenters who give ‘Life by PowerPoint’- who hook the audiences to their presentations, who make the audiences open their mouths in awe and leave them with a big, bright smile.

Yes, it’s very much possible. In just 3 simple ways, you can fix your bad PowerPoint and never kill a human again. These 3 simple ways shared by SlideComet, presentation design boutique based in Singapore, are inspired by none other than Seth Godin’s bestselling book “Really bad PowerPoint (and how to fix it)”.  

Besides these 3 golden rules, SlideComet have also shared some awesome resources to help you create fiery hot presentations. That too for free! Access the following SlideComet resources from the presentation:
  • Guide to Presentation Storyboarding: This foolproof presentation outline will help you create a solid presentation story.
  • Guide to Presentation Handouts: This playbook will help you de-clutter all information from your slides and present them attractively in presentation handouts.
  • Guide to Presentation Objectives: This playbook will guide you in identifying your objectives to create impactful presentations.
More PowerPoint presentations from SlideComet

Are you ready to give life by PowerPoint? That’s great. 

Share this article with your friends, colleagues, and practically everyone via Facebook or Twitter so that no precious life is lost due to bad use of PowerPoint.

July 10, 2014

authorSTREAM launches Team and Enterprise Plans; rolls out Lead Capture

authorSTREAM Team and Enterprise plans and Lead Capturing on Presentations

Today, we are excited to share two good news with you.

The first news is, starting today, you will find two new plans added to our Premium offerings - Team and Enterprise. And the second good news is that all our Premium users can start generating qualified, business leads from their presentations using Lead Capture right away!

Team up on authorSTREAM with Team and Enterprise Plans: 
Setting up a team on authorSTREAM is now a breeze. Educational institutes, small and large sized businesses, multinational corporations, and groups within these organizations can now easily set up a team on authorSTREAM, add users to their team and show their expert team to the world. 

Team plan is for small team collaboration (3 to 10 users) while the Enterprise plan is for large team collaboration (as big as 500). These plans were introduced as a special request from organizations, especially universities, to offer bulk accounts. 

Several educational institutes have been till now buying separate premium accounts for teachers across different departments to share their educational material online. Our secured private sharing features, advanced analytics, and most importantly support to recorded audio, in-slide videos, rehearsed timings, and more have made authorSTREAM the first choice for many organizations to share presentations online. 

Institutes were however facing difficulty in managing several individual premium accounts scattered across authorSTREAM. We thus introduced team plans to provide enterprises with a single bill, a single account to control multiple individual accounts, create new accounts easily, and collaborate with employees easily. The new plans will not only benefit universities but organizations across all categories who are leveraging the power of presentations for sharing their content, brand building and audience engagement.

What you can do with these plans:
  • Set up a team of any size: Whether it's 3 or 300, you have the freedom to choose a plan that best fits your requirement and the flexibility to upgrade anytime.
  • Enjoy premium benefits: Each team member gets a premium business account with powerful features like unlimited private uploads, unlimited HD video conversions, unlimited lead captures, passcode protection, advanced Presentation Analytics and Instant Analytics, branded embeds and more.
  • Add and remove users, with just a few clicks: With just a few clicks from the premium dashboard, team administrators can add new users to the team or invite already existing authorSTREAM users to join the team. Admin can also remove users and add new users in their place. 
  • Consolidate all content in one place: Pool all team content in one place. Each team member can access and view presentations made by other members simply by clicking "Team Presentations"
  • Manage team content: Team administrators get the power to manage team content by editing presentation details like tags, title, description, privacy settings and more for easy content management.
  • Secure your organization's content: Upload and share presentations privately with only team members. Passcode protect private presentations and stay ensured that content always remains within the team.

Need more reasons to set up your team on authorSTREAM? Here are a few more:
  • Put a face on your organization: Say goodbye to the concept of ‘faceless’ organizations. Show the faces running the organization to the public and engage with audiences via your presentations.
  • Increase brand visibility: Let the world know what your brand stands for, your policies, and campaigns through your presentations.  
  • Meet group goals: Create a core team that works together in an interlinked network. Share presentations privately with team members and collaborate online to meet group goals.

Now, here’s the second good news

Convert presentation views into business leads with Lead Capture

The much-awaited Lead Capturing feature has been rolled out to all our Premium users: Pro, Business, Team and Enterprise!

Premium users can now turn traffic on their presentations into qualified, business leads by publishing a fully customizable lead capture form on their presentations. A user can run as many lead campaigns as he wants and automate when to begin or end a particular leads campaign. Also get anytime access to the total leads collected, leads collected from each campaign and the details submitted by those leads.

Check out our Premium Plans

If you have any questions about our latest release, feel free to contact us via Email, Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

P.S. We at authorSTREAM are burning midnight oil to give you even better features. Do stay updated as we are working on bringing out more presentation formats, besides PowerPoint and Keynote. Happy authorSTREAMing!

July 7, 2014

FIFA Football World Cup 2014: A Presentation Album

Just one look at the painted faces and you know which country they are rooting for

The green-yellow faces: Brazil
Black, red and gold faces- Germany
Orange faces: Obviously Netherlands
Light blue and white faces- Argentina

Yes, all these faces are painted in the national colors. And each face is brighter than the other. And why just the face, some crazy fans can be seen draped from top to bottom in their national flag, some wearing homemade hats, some wearing mask of famous football celebrities, and one Brazilian fan even spotted wearing contact lenses designed in national colors!

Image Credit: Presentation by Nubia
This level of excitement is expected at every World Cup. But guess what…this time the beloved neutral Pope too could not restrain from cheering for his birth land- Argentina and was seen waving its national flag.

Now all eyes are on the semi-final clash between Brazil and Germany and the other between Netherlands and Argentina.

Meanwhile, the ambience continues to be electrifying on and off the pitch. The football fever is turning into a frenzy of screaming, singing, dancing, swearing, ecstasy and dejection. Are you a football fanatic too? Thats great. Let’s revisit the World Cup from beginning and have a look at some die-hard fans who left no stone unturned to lift the morale of their players (Nubiagroup has collected all the amazing pictures of football fans and put together in a four-part presentation series):

2014 Brazil World Cup : The Fans (1)

More PowerPoint presentations from Nubia

2014 Brazil World Cup : The Fans (2)

More PowerPoint presentations from Nubia

2014 Brazil World Cup : The Fans (3)

More PowerPoint presentations from Nubia

2014 Brazil World Cup : The Fans (4)

More PowerPoint presentations from Nubia

Those were truly amazing pics, right! Fans of each country seemed to be competing for the most ‘crazy football fanatics’ award. Which country did you think deserved the honor? To sum up the efforts put in by all these fans since the World Cup start, here’s a presentation on Fan-tastic football fanatics from around the world: 

Football Fanatics

More PowerPoint presentations from Mapsoofworld

Did you know that the World Cup is a great medicine too. That’s right. Football can heal too as the smiles on the faces of the children of Sao Paulo Cancer Hospital show:

Brazil 2014: World Cup, The Best Medicine

More PowerPoint presentations from olga

That brought a smile on your face too, right. So, who do you think will take home World Cup 2014? Tell us in the comments below.

July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July: 15 must read patriotic quotes by US Presidents

4th of July American Indepenedence Day

Happy Fourth of July! 
It’s time for party and time for fireworks, parades, carnivals, picnics, concerts and games. It’s also time to bring out your patriotic colors and sing aloud “God bless America.”

Hope you have already made big plans for the extended weekend. If firework-fueled celebrations are on your mind, then the 38th Annual Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks is a must see. After 5 years, the greatest annual fireworks show in the country has moved back to the East River and will set off from the barges of the East River and the spectacular Brooklyn Bridge. 

If you wish to keep a date with history, then you must have already planned to visit Mt. Rushmore, home to the giant sculptures of the faces of four American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. 

Speaking of the US Presidents, what better day to remember their patriotic message to the fellow Americans. Here’s a presentation on the most inspiring patriotic quotes by the Presidents of the United States of America. Reading them will surely fill your heart with pride!
More PowerPoint presentations from anuj malhotra

Which is your favorite patriotic quote? Share with us in the comments below.

Happy Fourth of July! God bless America!

July 2, 2014

Are you committing these 7 deadly sins of presentation design?

Image Credit: Presentation by Empowered Presentations

Ever stumbled across an amazingly designed presentation and used it with minor modifications without giving credit? Copycat! Ever used a breathtaking visual in your presentation without taking author’s permission or giving due credit? Caught you! And ever found yourself browsing one beautiful presentation after another wishing that it was yours? Hey, we are guilty on this count too!

So, let us begin with a confession. As a presentation designer, we all have sinned. And we are not talking about petty errors that we make by chance. These are unforgivable, deadly sins that tempt every presentation designer and consequently zap the creativity and essence out of those who resort to them. So, what are these design sins?

Yancey Unequivocally, the founder and President of Empowered Presentations, threw light on 7 design sins through her one-hour free webinar “7  Deadly Sins of Presentation Design.”  Did you miss this exciting session? No worries, we have made available the recording of the webinar so that you can save yourself before it’s too late:

7 design sins that you must avoid at all costs:

Tweet the most predominant sin that you are guilty of committing. And don’t freak out if you are committing more than one sin or all seven... you can still be saved!
  1. Lust: An intense desire over presentations that are not yours. (Tweet your sin)
  2. Gluttony: The over-indulgence and over-consumption of other presentations. (Tweet your sin)
  3. Greed: An excessive desire and pursuit of beautiful presentations. (Tweet your sin)
  4. Sloth: Failing to do things that a designer knows they should do. (Tweet your sin)
  5. Wrath: Uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger towards design copy cats. (Tweet your sin)
  6. Envy: Insatiable desire to covet another designers good work. (Tweet your sinand last but not the least
  7. Pride: Desire to be more important or attractive than others. (Tweet your sin)
Watch the recording of the webinar to know these 7 sins in details and how to save yourself from committing them. Also get insights into presentation design do's and don'ts that you must keep in mind before you begin designing your next presentation.

If you wish to stay updated about the upcoming webinars, and get amazing presentation tips and tricks, Subscribe to our Blog

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