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I recently came across a very interesting and unique PowerPoint presentation on authorSTREAM. The PPT is called “Greek Architecture 3”, which highlights famous Greek monuments and sites, and then gives a brief description of its history. The presentation is informative and I can say I learned a little bit more about Greece.
Well, after watching this presentation by ‘DeniseZeo’ I feel that PowerPoint can be a powerful medium for depicting places and can also be used for creating multimedia travel tour guides. What I mean is having people create PPTs about travel destinations that include pictures, audio narrations and text.

For example:
have a PowerPoint presentation about the Taj Mahal, giving interesting facts, history and information to those wishing to travel there.

A person can create a PowerPoint, upload it to authorSTREAM and others can view it before they go. PowerPoint for tourism I think is a really cool idea, let me know what you think.

Here’s Denise’s presentation

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