PowerPoint not Grabbing Attention?

I think presentations can be boring, slow and uninteresting at times for a variety of reasons. Here are a few examples of PowerPoint presentations, which might not click with your audience and can become a task to watch:

• boring content
• bad pictures
• poor writing
• too much writing
• terrible color scheme
• unreadable or overly extravagant fonts

and most of all….

• Lack of animations!

Animations in PPTs can be very influential, if used properly; they can be entertaining, eye-catching and informative. I have encountered many great PowerPoints with amazing content, pictures, text, etc. but have always gotten bored with that ‘predictability’ in slide format. In these predictable slides, information is just presented, simple text and pictures are shown automatically. If the information came to life, however, grabbed some attention and demanded the audience to follow along, I think even the best presentation could benefit greatly.

Here is a nice animated presentation where animations capture and retain interest:

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