New Blogging & Networking Features

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authorSTREAM added some new blogging and networking features to the user console: Better Sharing Options authorSTREAM has released yet another feature designed to better assist users in sharing PowerPoint presentations. This new feature allows PPT authors to share presentations via authorSTREAM on networking and blogging sites, such as: blogger, orkut and My Space. Combining authorSTREAM and networking sites allows users to showcase themselves and their work much more easily. Simple process The process is simple because the feature is built…

authorSTREAM Removes all Size Constraints to Upload PPT files

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PowerPoint files too big? – we have now eliminated all size requirements to upload PPT files on authorSTREAM. We found that our users love to use animations, graphics, pictures and audio narrations to create amazing presentations, but the other side of the picture is that these add-ons also increase the size of a PowerPoint presentation. Therefore, we have extended the file-size limit to upload presentations from 30 MB to 1 GB on authorSTREAM, to better serve our users. We now…

PowerPoint Podcasts on Your iPod

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The new PowerPoint to podcast feature on authorSTREAM to transfer PowerPoint podcasts into your iPod, makes PowerPoint available on iPods and allows for greater flexibility and convenience for those who frequently use PowerPoint for school, business or leisure presentations. PowerPoint users can now easily utilize their iPods to practice, learn and enjoy PowerPoint on the go, without having to use bulky and uncomfortable laptops. Here’s a quick tutorial: Uploaded on authorSTREAM by DaveGrewal Some uses of PowerPoint podcasts on iPods: –…