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The new PowerPoint to podcast feature on authorSTREAM to transfer PowerPoint podcasts into your iPod, makes PowerPoint available on iPods and allows for greater flexibility and convenience for those who frequently use PowerPoint for school, business or leisure presentations. PowerPoint users can now easily utilize their iPods to practice, learn and enjoy PowerPoint on the go, without having to use bulky and uncomfortable laptops. Here’s a quick tutorial:

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Some uses of PowerPoint podcasts on iPods:

– Business persons preparing and practicing for an important presentation or meeting with ease and convenience of their iPod.
– Travelers can conveniently listen to iPod PowerPoint presentations as guides about famous sites and landmarks as they travel from place-to-place.
– Teacher can create video podcasts using PowerPoint (with or without narration) and distribute it to further assist educating students outside of the classroom.
– Marketing professionals can create video podcasts from PowerPoint about their products so potential buyers get a better idea of their features and benefits.
– Real estate agents can create PowerPoint slide shows of properties to sell and have potential customers transfer them to their iPods.

Some PowerPoint podcast samples:

Business Promotion

Tourism PowerPoint

Teaching PowerPoint

To have your PowerPoint presentation available on iPod, simply upload your presentation to www.authorSTREAM.com. authorSTREAM will keep your audio in PowerPoint while it makes the presentation available in high quality for iPod. Any viewer of your presentation can then download the podcast on to his iTunes and watch it on the go.

The feature to convert PowerPoint to podcasts for iPod is absolutely free, as easy to use as uploading your file, and has excellent podcast quality. Finally, PowerPoint has become portable and easy to share. Imagine how can it improve your life?

Good reads on video podcasting:

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iPod in Classroom
Future Technological Approaches to Distance Learning

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