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Geetesh on using authorSTREAM for YouTube

The PowerPoint to YouTube service has been started recently on authorSTREAM and has drawn a lot of interest in the PowerPoint space. Geetesh Bajaj a Microsoft® MVP from Indezine has created this excellent video tutorial about this offering:

Another tutorial

Here is a cool presentation on how to use authorSTREAM to transfer your presentation to YouTube:

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by TechGuy

More buzz

Here are some sites with references to the service:

On Mashable: Send PowerPoint presentations straight to YouTube

“This expands the reach of content created on authorSTREAM, and simplifies things for the user as well. Once content is on YouTube, it becomes even easier to share across the Web, as it’s the reigning standard of video-sharing and many other sites have YouTube support for things like search, embeds and URL retrieval.”

On StartupMeme: Your PowerPoint presentations at YouTube with authorSTREAM

“The authors are helped by being provided with a wider reach; obviously!”

On Vivek’s blog: authorSTREAM has added a new feature

So if you have your content as video, everyone knows the authority of YouTube and the visibility it brings to your work. But downloading it from one website and then uploading it to another was a bit of a pain–both time-wise and cost-wise. So this new extension from authorSTREAM is a very nice offering, which solves some problems of people like me.”

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