PPT Motion Path Effects Now Supported

Motion Path Effects

In our constant pursuit to enrich presentation experience on authorSTREAM, we just released Motion Paths, which helps to expand your animation with motion path effects. Use types of paths from preset lines, curves, and shapes to custom paths that let you doodle freely. Here is a presentation, which shows an example in the first slide and various motion path ideas in subsequent slides:

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by aplite

Custom Motion Paths

A motion path is a hidden track you lay on your slide for objects like a picture, line of text, or shape to run along. For example, you can move text from one place on your slide to another; create a hand-drawn entrance or exit for any object; or lay a path that an arrow could follow at crucial points in your narrative, to show a process.

Applying Motion Paths In PowerPoint: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint/HP030833181033.aspx

Known Issues for Motion Paths on authorSTREAM

1.Starting point for the second motion path animation is not proper if two motion path animations are used on the same object.

2. Motion path animations do not work properly if the starting point of animation & Objects position is not same.

3. Custom motion path speed not proper (Very slow works as very fast in some presentations).

4. Sometimes Motion path plays with a jerking motion.

5. Order of the Motion path/animations not proper in some cases.

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