PPT to Mp4 or M4V Podcasts for iPods

PowerPoint to Mp4 or M4v

If you add rehearsed timings or narration to your presentation, it also gets converted to the iPod friendly MP4 or M4v video podcast formats when you upload it to authorSTREAM.

The need for PowerPoint to Mp4 podcasts

The authorSTREAM team understood the need and aimed to provide a solution. As most students use iPods for music and video, why not offer a feature on authorSTREAM that allows converting PowerPoint presentations into Mp4 or M4V podcasts so that they could have their PPTs also on their iPods?

Podcasts in Education

The PowerPoint to video feature gave a solution to the PPT quick access and portability problem. Anyone who uses an iPod that supports video can watch podcasts created from PowerPoint:

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by rmarsiglia

E-learning Podcasts from PPT

In the past, many people, mainly students, had the need of reviewing a PowerPoint presentation related to their subject of study and did not have access to a computer at that specific time. Additionally, when they ran into some colleague wanting to discuss something related to their presentations, it was not possible to quickly access the presentation. Students can therefore get immense benefit in academics, since they almost all have iPods and they can utilize any free time to listen to and learn from podcasts on their subjects.

Education is simple now; life is even simpler. Simply authorSTREAM.

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