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Keeping you updated with all new uploaded presentations from the users you choose to follow, as well as the comments people make on them, is basically the function of the new authorSTREAM feature: Follow, Following.

Have you ever found such nice presentations on authorSTREAM that you just want to continue watching more and more from the same user? Do you already have some friends on authorSTREAM and want to interact directly with them through their PPTS? Or is it just that you have identified a user you admire because you always find that he/she is uploading nice Presentations? Well, as always, authorSTREAM has a solution for all your needs.

What benefits do you get with the Follow, Following feature?

*Select whether you want to follow a user in public or private.

*Receive notifications only when a user uploads new PPTS or a new comment has been made in any previous one.

*Start and stop following whenever you decide.

Login to authorSTREAM now and start following presenters you like on authorSTREAM, the natural extension of PowerPoint on the Web.

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