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authorSTREAM has just launched Presentation Channels. This new function allows you to have a personalized Web page, in which you can showcase your presentations, by grouping them in categories. By categorizing the PPTs, people interested in a specific topic can go directly to the channel related to it. Moreover, you can also embed the channel in blogs and web pages, and even allow people to upload presentations related to the topic of your channel.

Here’s how to create a channel on authorSTREAM:

You would need to go to “Your Stuff”, then click on “Your Channels”

Then, click on “Create a Channel”.

After this, you will see a new window, where you can enter channel information, upload the image that will represent your channel on authorSTREAM, and choose the theme you like the most.

When your channel is created, you can find it in the “Your Channels” dashboard.

Remember that you can create a maximum of 2 channels.

You can also subscribe to a channel. When you do this, you will receive a notification on your dashboard, whenever a new presentation is uploaded to the channel you subscribed to.

If you want to contribute a PPT presentation to any of the channels you subscribed to, then you must click on the link:

This also means that a user can be blocked from your channel through channel moderation, after subscription. When blocked, the PPTs of the blocked user will stop showing in the channel and he/she will no longer see the notifications on his/her dashboard.

So go right ahead and share your PowerPoint presentations through your own personalized channels.

Read more about this feature here:

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