PowerPoint to Video Conversion – Choose Filetypes Now

We just improved the way you can convert PowerPoint to video files. Considering recent requests from users for multiple platform support, we just added this improvement. Read on…

PowerPoint to video conversion

Now you can convert your PowerPoint files to different video file formats like AVI, WMV, FLV and MP4 using your video credits at authorSTREAM. You need to select a target platform like TV/DVD, Web or iPod and you will be presented with various options to convert with the recommended one pre-selected.

You also get a “Zoom Video Size” option. Zoom will double the size of slides in video output thus providing you better experience on TV screens too. If you want your video to be bigger in size (which normally is the case when you want to play it on your DVD) then you should set zoom at 2X. X is the actual size of your PowerPoint slide; so, for example, if the slide was at 720 by 540, the video created at 2x will be 1440 by 1080 in size. We will add higher zoom factors soon for large LCD monitors.

Your converted videos will always be available for viewing or download in video conversion history.

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