Send Your Own Thanksgiving Greetings in PowerPoint Using authorSTREAM

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It’s the last week of November and it’s time for Thanksgiving! Traditionally the last thursday in November is celebrated as the Thanksgiving Day in US. Thanksgiving is not only a time for having fun and have turkey dinner, it’s also significant for homecoming, prayers and expression of gratitude and also pondering over all that you are thankful for. It’s a time for wishes and for exchanging greetings with each other. We at authorSTREAM are also excited about Thanksgiving and celebrating…

Insert your own videos in PowerPoint presentations and upload to authorSTREAM

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Now that you have created great slideshow mashups using authorSTREAM desktop, which lets you insert YouTube videos and images from Bing, it’s time that we give you more. You can now insert videos from your desktop to PowerPoint presentation and they will just play fine as they play in PowerPoint slide show. You must be aware of that linked media files never go along with PowerPoint presentations when you share them using email or upload them on a presentation sharing…

Sign in to authorSTREAM using Google accounts

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Signing in to authorSTREAM is super easy now as we have recently enabled logging in through Google accounts. When you sign in using your Google account, you are asked to connect your Google id with authorSTREAM. Existing users can also sign in using their Google ids. Yes, you see twitter and Facebook icons too but these are not enabled yet. We will announce them here as soon as they are up and going. Below are some of the updates in…