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To replicate your slideshow just the way you intended it to be, the authorSTREAM player needs to accommodate lots of information to play animations, sound files, etc., and therefore it’s not just fetching an array of images but a gamut of almost all presentation elements, which would make the presentation just that much slower compared to sites that do not support these elements.

Presenters who spend hours and hours creating compelling PPTs with all those effects wouldn’t want to loose anything when they upload their work online. Keeping exactly this need in view, we want authorSTREAM to deliver flawless quality so that your PowerPoint presentations look good–both offline and online–just the way you intended them to be. Although we cannot claim that it is flawless yet, but we can safely say that we are almost there 🙂 Simultaneously, our R&D guys are looking into how we can optimize the player further to give you more speed. Given the quality of output, we are sure that it’s not too much of a compromise but we would love to hear you out on this.

Thanks for all the feedback that helps us be what we are and we would be delighted if you send in your comments on this..

PS: A note from the dev team just came in. They have already made good progress on a new presentation conversion engine and a brand new player is on the way. Expect to hear from us within the first quarter of 2010.

Jagdeep Singh Pannu

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authorSTREAM Team

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  1. Can you guys put “AutoPlay” somewhere on that list? There are times when you want an embedded presentation to just play — without a user having to the arrow.
    Let’s create less work for site visitors.

  2. @DMMI Associates LLC: We appreciate your valued feedback. Your proposal has been added to our roadmap and soon we will be considering it. Meanwhile enjoy browsing through authorSTREAM and upload your presentations. Let us know if you have any other issues or feedback.

    authorSTREAM Team

  3. Can this work if you use open office instead of ms office because they have a similar application to powerpoint? Many people don’t have ms office but use open office so am wondering how that works. It says on their site you can use Open Office Impress but save as a ppt file. Would that work with your setup too??

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