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A stunning demo on magazine-like layout controlled with your fingers, tap the screen  to play an online PowerPoint presentation, touch a photo – zoom to full screen, glide your fingers along the screen to move from page to page, activate the microphone to add an audio annotation.

Yes, we are talking about iPad – the new Apple computing device. With intuitive interface, persistent online connection, beautiful layout, simplicity and ease-of-use — it’s definitely in for changing the way people compute. They say it’s not the touch that sets iPad apart but the way people view and use content.

The best Web surfing experience, the best email experience, the best photo and movie-watching, the best presentation experience has the whole world raving to get their hands on it. Indeed, it got us all very excited at authorSTREAM. But the absence of Flash came as a disappointment. Apple has made it harder for presentation sharing sites like authorSTREAM to go on iPads because of the lack of support for Flash leaving our users flummoxed and frustrated.

Most of you who have already grabbed your iPad or are about to do so, must have been wondering whether you will be able to access your PowerPoint presentations at authorSTREAM on iPads! We understood the need with the release of the everyone-must-have-one gadget from Apple and of course, we didn’t want you to miss out on authorSTREAM, so we launched an iPad compatible version of authorSTREAM. This makes authorSTREAM the first iPad-ready PowerPoint presentation sharing platform.

We have worked extra hard to get this on – using HTML. All the new PowerPoint presentations you upload are now viewable on iPads and over time we will get the older presentations on it too. If you are accessing authorSTREAM on your iPad, you will be able to watch presentations as you do from any other PC. authorSTREAM will detect automatically when you’re browsing the site on an iPad and will display iPad compatible content. For now the presentations you will see on iPads won’t have support for animations and audio/video but very soon we’ll have it too.

The grapevine says HP with its Slate akin to iPad and few more are taking the same route. Rest assured, your PowerPoint presentations will be viewable on them especially since they support Flash.

The iPad version also works on iPods, iPhones and some other mobile devices too. Your worries are over, be it iPad, iPhone or any other mobile device, your presentations will be viewable, the way you intended them to be, on all devices!

We look forward to your feedback.

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  1. Simply open authorSTREAM in your iPad. The latest uploads are being converted to the iPad format on priority so just open one from the latest uploads on your iPad to get a feel.

    Old presentations are also being converted very fast but you might run across some still needing conversion. If a presentation you want has not been converted yet, you will see a message in the player to send a request to convert on priority. As soon as you click on that link, that presentation goes on top of the queue to be tackled on priority.

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