“My 2 most loved tools: authorSTREAM and iPad” – Gilbert Ross

Gilbert Ross, our iPad winner for the 2nd week @ authorSTREAM 1 Million Members Celebration Contest shares his excitement on winning the contest and also his experiences in using authorSTREAM! Here’s what he has to say:

As I finger tap on the soft key board of my new iPad, writing along this post, I can’t avoid feeling extremely grateful to authorSTREAM for having brought such a positive boost in my life.

First and foremost was the discovery of the site itself. authorSTREAM is an amazing warehouse of ideas which I constantly return to for fun, research and inspiration. With an ever increasing number of slideshows flowing in everyday, I know I will always come across something interesting whether by intent or serendipity. There are hundreds of thousands of brilliant contributions made by people who enjoy sharing their skills, technical know how and inspiring experiences animated by fantastic pictures and music. authorSTREAM has been a milestone for me. It has revolutionized the way I use and share knowledge. It made me rethink the boundaries of knowledge sharing and self-expression.But that’s not only it.

The real reason why authorSTREAM has caught my fancy so much was the realization as a blogger that I can communicate my thoughts in an other format. The power of a slideshow presentation rests with the fact that ideas can be potently summarized in a more visually effective way. This is the power of concise yet effective communication. This is the power of the slideshow.

So this realization made me change how I communicate with my readers in my blog in an innovative new way. Instead of writing a full post with just words, I embed one of my authorSTREAM slideshows related to the topic and then simply add a few further thoughts and comments to it. Voila ! The beauty of converging two communication media.

Simple yet effective. Here is the latest post on my blog (at the time of writing this article) which exemplifies how I combine an authorstream slideshow in the post to reinforce the message. Bloggers take note 😉

The other reason for being extremely grateful to authorSTREAM is…Hey Hey they gave me the opportunity to win an ipad in the last competition celebrating 1 million registered members !!! 🙂 Now isn’t that cool!!!!

I fell in love with it since I started using it from day 1. I had a lot of expectations about it but it still blew me away by exceeding them all. It’s fast, intuitive, practical, cool and most of all a beauty of a design. There are more than 300,000 applications in the app store to download. I have till now downloaded some really cool ones mostly related to productivity like flipboard, wordpress, ibooks, evernote, gmail, etc.
The ipad has truly converged a lot of my work together under my finger tips – Writing, researching, blogging, Sharing, reading and browsing. It’s amazing stuff really and I am enjoying more and more each day.

So let me shout it on the virtual roof tops for everyone to hear: THANK YOU authorSTREAM!!!!! YOU RULE!!!!

Gilbert Ross

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