authorSTREAM: “doing to presentations as YouTube is doing to videos”

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An Indian based Newsdaily recently featured authorSTREAM as an easy way to express and absorb knowledge, in a news article on PowerPoint sharing websites. The story talks about the potential of PowerPoints and the role of PowerPoint sharing websites, featuring authorSTREAM among the top Content and PowerPoint sharing websites, and as “doing to presentations as YouTube is doing to videos.” The story goes into detail mentioning some of the power tools that authorSTREAM offers like: broadcast your presentations on the…

authorSTREAM maintenance

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Update: We are up and going! If you are still getting a maintenance message, please refresh your browser (Use Ctrl +F5 on your keyboard) We are currently performing some maintenance on authorSTREAM servers. As a result authorSTREAM website will not be available for next 10 minutes. We’ll update you as soon as it’s over.  

Embed presentation with branding: Replace authorSTREAM logo with your own logo

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Are you a brand freak? Wanna retain it even when you embed presentation on website and blogs? Replace authorSTREAM logo with your own logo and give a customized look and feel to the presentation embeds.  Benefits of branding with your own logo when embed presentation: Makes your presentation embed look like your own work with a personal logo  Keeps the viewers from being directed to authorSTREAM’s site as they can no more see authorSTREAM logo on your embedded presentation Customize…

The all new authorSTREAM’s features tour

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You heard it right; authorSTREAM has a new features tour. We mentioned it while announcing our new home page and presentation page, but it deserves more than just a small talk. The all new authorSTREAM tour gives you a complete tour of all the features that we offer to help you do more with your presentations. Starting from a complete feature set, it moves to each feature explaining with the images and animation all that you can do. Like a…

authorSTREAM’s homepage and your presentation pages gets a facelift

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authorSTREAM’s home page poses a clean and aesthetic look, this time. With a ton of new features introduced in the last quarters, a new look and feel was due. A clearer description of the additions that happened over a period of time was also required – the all new authorSTREAM tour makes sure that you understand every feature along with its benefits. With images and animation, it’s a pleasant watch. Home page looks different than before, obviously cleaner, navigation is…