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The good thing about our times on Earth is we are becoming open as a society. The bad thing is we are extrapolating. Nothing in our lives is private at this moment. Thanks to social networking sites, we even know what our friend’s, friend’s, neighbour’s dog ate, yesterday. Interestingly, everyone is bothered but no one is doing enough.

Some might call it archaic but authorSTREAM still believes in the concept of privacy and respects it. That’s why, we offer free 50 private presentation uploads for everyone. We don’t care if you are a Premium member or free member, we only care about protecting your privacy. The best part is we are never going to take these 50 away from you. You can keep your presentations always in your ‘inner circle’.

Along with this, authorSTREAM offers a myriad of features that make your presentation sharing an enjoyable ride and mostly, it’s a free ride.

With authorSTREAM, it is possible to incorporate animations, special effects, audios, videos in your PowerPoint presentations. Motion-based content and voice-over narration can also be included in the presentations. And the best thing is that authorSTREAM’s ultra-fast conversion engine converts your presentations in the shortest possible time.

Once uploaded, PowerPoint presentations are easy to embed across blogs, Facebook or any other website and share on devices like iPad or iPod. Unlike other presentation-sharing software that distorts the slide show, authorSTREAM retains graphics as created keeping animations, sounds and videos intact. Users can even insert videos from YouTube in PowerPoint slides.

What makes authorSTREAM stand out from other platforms are its extraordinary applications. authorSTREAM Desktop for instance, which is an offline desktop application, allows you to search and insert images and videos from Bing and YouTube directly from within PowerPoint. With the help of this useful tool, you can make creative and impressive PowerPoint presentations and upload them directly on authorSTREAM without visiting the website. And the best part is that it’s a free application and can be downloaded from our website.

Another ground-breaking feature from the house of authorSTREAM is ‘Present Live’ that makes it possible to share and discuss your PowerPoint presentations live with your pals and peers. Simply send your presentation link to your friends and they can attend your presentation live! What’s more, you can also chat with your contacts in a common chat area. Like authorSTREAM Desktop, this feature too does not entail any charges and is absolutely free!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up on authorSTREAM, upload presentations as private without paying a dime, and do more with PowerPoint! 

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  1. Sounds great! I think that the functions & features of authorSTREAM will definitely help me out with my business.

    This site made my bookmark list, and will be back to implement this into my business.

    Thanks for the information!

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