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Today, authorSTREAM is re-launching Premium subscription plans, which now gives you access to greater functionality (advanced analytics, a custom channel, unlimited private uploads, unlimited PowerPoint to video conversions and conferencing tools) for an affordable yearly subscription price.

There are two really exciting things here: advanced functionality and affordable yearly subscription prices: Pro ($2.50/month) and Business ($39.95/month).

As you can see, our new prices are extremely reasonable for our users. In terms of features, though, it’s generosity galore. It’s a treat for everyone this time (even the free users) because a lot of things are new, many of which we will be discussing in a series of blog posts. This post will mainly highlight the advanced features, premium plans and special offers.

So, like we said, there’s something for everyone this time. In a nutshell, that means:

  • Unlimited Private Uploads
  • Advanced Analytics: This is especially cool because you can track where your content is going, who is interested in it, time spent on each presentation with exit slide, what the buzz is on Twitter or Facebook about it, and where the content is embedded. Learn more about Presentation Analytics
  • Brand Channels: You can customize channels to make your authorSTREAM page an extension of your brand – a great tool especially when you are trying to establish yourself. Learn more about branded channels
  • Channel Customizations: You can control and customize activity including turning off comments and transcripts on presentation pages and adding Facebook feeds, Twitter streams, etc., on the channel pages.
  • Ad-free Content and Browsing: Complete branding and fun browsing.
  • Present Live: Broadcast presentations live through Internet with real-time collaboration.
  • PPT Embed: Not only embed your presentations on blogs and websites, but also track where your presentations are embedded or prevent embedding of content that you don’t want shared without permission.

This launch means a lot more to us than just giving you guys a feature set. We want you to have ways and tools to advance your PowerPoint presentation usage. So that, you can make authorSTREAM an extension of your brand and get most out of every minute that you spend on authorSTREAM.

There are two plans that we are currently offering: authorSTREAM Pro ($29.95/year) and authorSTREAM Business ($39.95/month). Pro ($29.95/year) is for any advanced user of authorSTREAM. Business is meant for any user who is looking for branding and customization. Business members can opt for a monthly subscription at $39.95/month or yearly subscription for $299/year. Check out the comparison chart for more details about the plans. We also offer a  free 30-day trial period for our plans.

Upgrade now at 50% off – offer valid only until April 4th 2011

Now we also don’t want anyone to miss out on this opportunity. We are offering a 50% discount on the yearly subscription price for both our plans between now and 4th April, 2011 (11:59 PM EST). Why? Because its a sure deal.

Check out premium plans now

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