Robert Lane is back with another lesson: Art of using animations in meaningful ways

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“Wow! Look at that stuff… I see everything flying in and out of the slide!”- That’s what goes on in your audiences’ minds when they see animations on your slides? And, you’ve given up using animations for the fear of distracting them. Don’t give up using animations! If used meaningfully, they can be a feather in your cap. Robert Lane, the presentation expert, is back once more to teach you the art of using animations. After two successful webinars on…

Making magical presentations, the Santa Claus way!

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We’ve always wondered, what is it so special about Santa that makes him talk of the town as soon as the Christmas bells start to chime? We decided to sit and ponder – what makes him soul of the season? Why, a mere mention of his name fills our mind with visuals of a bearded, jolly man, dressed in red and white, carrying a bagful of bright and prettily wrapped gifts, humming Christmas carols… See, almost had you there!Pretty simple,…

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from authorSTREAM

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Yes, it’s Christmas time- time for the Church bells to chime. Also, we’ll be soon leaving behind this year to welcome wholeheartedly 2013.With this festive spirit in the air, we’ve got our best wishes in store for you: More PowerPoint presentations from authorSTREAM Felt delighted? Delight your friends and family too this Christmas, brighten their New Year Eve by sending such warm greetings from authorSTREAM’s collection of Christmas and New Year. Give a personal touch and feel by using your…

Stay updated, stay organized: A new way to track presentations shared by you and with you

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Do authorSTREAM presentations, your contacts share with you, land in your personal email accounts, jumbling with other important emails, making it a chore to search for them after a few weeks? And, you often end up in an exhaustive search exercise when you simply want to know with whom you shared a specific presentation recently.Take a breather, you don’t have to do it anymore. Because we’ve rolled out your very own authorSTREAM Inbox which will list presentations shared with you…

How to create your own PowerPoint slide design or template?

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Do you feel boxed in the pre-designed templates or slide designs? Break-free from these and create your own!A template or slide design is one of the most important ingredients of a perfect presentation design, other being background graphics or theme colors. An attractive templates glue the audience to the slides at a first glance. And, when you create a template, you choose your own font style and color scheme. The color and appearance of the slides and fonts should match…