“Will you be my Valentine?” From Joseph, With Love!

Hey there!

Want to make someone feel special this Valentine. Read how our lover boy Joseph is going to express his secret love this Valentine:

Jessica is my childhood friend. For her my love is eternal, infinite and pure. Without her, my soul is like a tree without blossom and fruit. We spent wonderful moments together. We ran into green fields, walked on soft grass holding hands, felt the rain drops falling on our faces, Autumn winds patting our cheeks and soothing Spring sun rays shinning upon us. Jessica adores those days and wishes for them to come back to her. Secretly and stealthily, I captured all in my memory and some of the special ones are locked in my camera.

This Valentine’s Day, I’m going to create a video of all her pictures, add Jessica’s favorite music and give her a BIG surprise.

I’ll create a photo-album in PowerPoint of all the best moments she loved, upload it on authorSTREAM and convert PowerPoint to video. Once my PowerPoint to video is converted, I can burn it on CD or DVD and delight Jessica with it.

I hope this video helps that cherubic boy, with wings, bow and arrow, to inflict wound on Jessica’s heart and ignite love in her for me.

Thanks authorSTREAM for being my companion at all times.

This was our lover boy’s story. But how about you? How have you decided to say to your beloved: “Will you be my Valentine?”

Would love to make a video like Joseph? Here’s how it looks like:

Hurry! Create your masterpiece now, package it in a video, burn it on CD or DVD or even send it to YouTube. Share it with your loved one along with roses and lots of chocolates.

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