Free Webinar by Robert Lane- How to make visually engaging PowerPoint presentations?

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Robert Lane, the founder of Aspire Communications, will teach you in a one-hour FREE webinar to create a visually interactive PowerPoint presentation and how to quickly hold your viewers’ attention.Aspire communications trains people to become more visual and dynamic while delivering presentations. As the founder, Robert Lane has been involved in creating, developing and experimenting with different techniques that can help a speaker feel more confident while presenting. A visually interactive presentation, tailored messages and strategies that can help speaker…

Sharing large PowerPoint files? Not a Problem anymore

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Want to share large PowerPoint presentation file without choking your mail box.They are a few options available: you can reduce the size of the images with a photo editing program, save images to a low resolution or compress them in Microsoft’s PowerPoint compression feature.No matter what you do, the problem is size still remains reasonably large to choke mail boxes, and the quality of your images goes down. Wouldn’t it be easy to share your presentations online? This way when…

Capture live audio in PowerPoint for a rich slideshow experience

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Microsoft PowerPoint has a nifty feature known as ‘Voice Narrations’ which lets you capture and sync live audio with the presentation slides. With the voice narrations, you can record and add your own voice to the slides and share them with anyone, anywhere.While you prepare to record and add your voice ensure that your computer is equipped with a sound card, microphone and speakers so that you can record and hear the narration.Follow these steps to add voice narration to…

PowerPoint to video engine gets better: Now supports embedded videos and slide transition effects

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We are thrilled to announce major enhancements to our PowerPoint to video conversion engine and they are: Support for embedded video (WMV & AVI) in video conversions Support for Transition effects in video conversions Improved conversion engine with fast conversion time and more accurate results These are a few of the most requested features geared to take PowerPoint to video conversion experience to an advanced level.  Support for embedded video (WMV & AVI) in video conversions Now when you convert…

7 ways to keep your audience awake through your PowerPoint presentation

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The best way to adjudge your PowerPoint presentation is to ask yourself “Is this the kind of presentation I would like to sit through?” and you’ll then step into the shoes of your audience. To keep the audience awake, it’s important to know their minds and expectations. Let’s take a look at what’s in the audience’s minds:Sell your idea: Marketer and author of thirteen best selling books, Seth Godin, says “the purpose of a presentation is to change minds. That’s…