How to Avoid Copyright Infringement While Creating Presentations?

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How to avoid copyright infringements in presentations

Do you worry about infringing someone’s copyrights while using images, videos or music in your presentation? You’d also want to protect your own copyrights while sharing presentations with the world via online slide-sharing platforms.In this blog post, let’s walk through: What is Copyright Dealing with Creative Commons How to avoid copyright infringement while using images, videos or music on your own presentation slides How to protect your own copyrights while sharing presentations with the world via online slide-sharing platforms. What…

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010: Explore the features and unleash its potential

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has brought to us a lot of versatile features so that we can express ourselves in the most impressive way. This software was introduced way back in 2009 but till today not many people are aware of its potential. You can manage your content with 2010 version like never before. Collaboration with co-workers have become a matter of click. You can even bring your content to the web and share with the remote audience. Embedded videos, audio,…

Earth Day 2012- Mobilize the Earth

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Yes, you are right. This is the theme of Earth Day in 2012. Every year we celebrate Earth Day, but do we really understand its importance in our lives? It’s a struggle to spread awareness about clean and green environment. This day is celebrated to fight back the ravages of climate change, tons of toxic waste dumped by industries, rampant oil spillage, and felling of trees witnessed everywhere.  April 1970 Earth Day was a blazing success that made history when…

Do you know you can earn with your awesome presentations? Here’s how

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Congratulations! Your presentation has reached 100 views, got 10 likes and 39 comments.  A message like this surely makes your day.  Sharing creative and impressive presentations with the world via online sharing sites is really fun. And, it feels great when you get so many views, likes and comments.  How about getting more than just this? How about earning some money with your presentations? How can you generate money with your presentations? There are a bunch of options for you…

Norman leaves a mark with his webinar on creating and delivering GREAT presentation!

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We are excited and humbled by the response of another successful webinar on authorSTREAM with Norman Wei. Author of well-acclaimed books on presentations, ‘Presentations that Work’ and ‘Connecting with your Future Clients’, and veteran trainer of nearly 30 years, Norman Wei taught the audience the secrets to create and deliver effective presentations. The audience from all over the world gave an overwhelming response. They simply loved his webinar, found it informative and very valuable. The attendees had an interactive session…