Do you know you can earn with your awesome presentations? Here’s how

Congratulations! Your presentation has reached 100 views, got 10 likes and 39 comments. 

A message like this surely makes your day. 
Sharing creative and impressive presentations with the world via online sharing sites is really fun. And, it feels great when you get so many views, likes and comments. 
How about getting more than just this? How about earning some money with your presentations?
How can you generate money with your presentations?
There are a bunch of options for you to try your hands on. Create high quality presentations on different topics and sell them via your own website or some content marketplace. If you are good at presentations, you can provide professional services to individuals or companies by creating presentation according to their requirements and add some extra cash to your kitty. 
authorSTREAM provides an easy-to-use option which lets you earn by simply placing your own ads on your presentations pages by using Google AdSense. When someone clicks your ad, you get paid by Google. It’s as simple as that!
How can your authorSTREAM presentations earn for you?
It’s simple. Become authorSTREAM’s privileged Business member and follow these easy steps:
  • Go to My Stuff’, click ‘Premium Account’ link
  • Click Settings option in the left, under ‘Google AdSense’ on presentation page, select ‘Enable Google AdSense’ option
  • Paste your ‘Google AdSense’ Publisher ID in text box underEnable Google AdSense’ option

Select options where you want your advertisement to display, below or on the right side of the presentation player. Save the changes you’ve made, and you are good to go. 

How much can you earn with AdSense?
There’s no exact figure as your revenue will depend on factors like the type of ads appearing on your pages, the pricing of ads appearing on your pages, and how many AdSense products you use. You can login to your AdSense account anytime to know the total number of clicks and your total earnings.

What kind of ads will get published on my page?
The AdSense system will analyze the content on your page (title, tags, description etc.) and place only the ads relevant to your content so that users get more value out of your content and you get more clicks on the ads.

How to make the most out of AdSense?
To maximize your earnings from Google AdSense, you need to have rich content in your presentations with catchy title, vivid description, and tags so that presentations are well indexed in search engines and fetch you quality traffic. 

Upload impressive presentations on authorSTREAM on the subjects popular among your target audience for more views and thus more clicks on the ads. Make sure that you comply with Google AdSense policies to avoid getting banned by Google from participating in this program.

You need to be a Business member to enable Google AdSense on your pages. Upgrade to Business membership today to to pump more potential and revenue from your presentations:

Upgrade to Business Now
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  1. what are the kind of ads will be published?
    what if the ads are not offensive ones?

    • i’m a member of authorSTREAM and i’ve no presentation in this site . But i’ve recieved the message. It may be just a LIE

  2. Three questions before upload presentation:
    1) How do you pay? For exmaple: I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina
    2)How much money is the minimun you pay?
    3) Can be presented in spanish?

  3. Q: @ what are the kind of ads will be published?
    what if the ads are not offensive ones?

    A: Ads that will be published on your presentations will be via Google ad sense and as per their protocols.

    – Akash
    authorSTREAM Team

  4. @ Sahil – “how to find my presentation, i don’t remember its name now.”

    A: Hi Sahil, if you are a registered authorSTREAM member, you can log-in to your authorSTREAM account using the credentials. All your uploaded presentations via that account will be listed under the ‘My Stuff’ tab of your dashboard (account).

    – Akash
    authorSTREAM Team

  5. @ Kajamydeen – “i like it this google+”

    Hi, we are glad you find it useful. Thank you for your valuable feedback. We hope of keep serving you with such useful stuff in future too! Stay Tuned 🙂

    – Akash
    authorSTREAM Team

  6. Actually,i don’t really know about this case.i just wanna download some presentations.Then i have to sign up an account.That’s why i just uploaded that presentation which is not mine.I ‘m really sorry about this case and i get a big shame.

  7. hello
    how much i have to pay to bcm a buisness member?
    how you pay?
    what is the amount you are going to pay for one presentation?

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