PowerPoint to video engine moves a step ahead: Now supports video conversion of ‘On-Click’ presentations

We recently pulled the trigger on the latest improvements in our PowerPoint to video engine and we’re excited to add and introduce another amazing new feature- conversion of ‘on-click’ presentations to video.

‘On-Click’ presentation means slides which do not have rehearsed timings or they are not set to play automatically. With this new advancement, you can convert even your ‘on-click’ presentation to video.

Earlier, we asked you to add rehearse timings to the presentations you wanted to convert to video. But we understood all this while that you had to work harder to make your presentations video compatible.

With this improvement, you will easily be able to convert your presentations to video. Now, video conversion of any presentation (whether on-click or not) is at your fingertips. With just a few clicks, you can quickly create a high-quality video of your work and share it with your clients or colleagues.

How to convert an ‘On-Click’ presentation to video

It’s easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Upload a presentation to your authorSTREAM account
  • Go to My Presentations link under My Stuff
  • Look for the presentation which you want to convert to video
  • Under Video drop-down menu, click Convert to video option

  • A Convert presentation to video window appears on the screen. Select the video format and zoom video size (which allows the video to be bigger in size to enjoy it on a DVD), then click Next’

  • Enter the fixed time (seconds) to spend on each slide and click Convert Now

Your presentation will be converted into a video in a short while and you’ll receive a confirmation email as soon as it’s ready.

Now you don’t have to spend time on setting your presentation slides to play automatically. With just a few clicks, enjoy sharing your presentation videos with anyone, anywhere.  

Upload your presentation now, convert it into a video and share it on YouTube or play it on your mobile.

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  1. But how do I publish a PP that has narration? Will this method do that? Please provide explicit directions!

  2. @ creativoscontic.wordpress.com said…”Este programas es gratuito o solo es para probarlo un tiempo? Gracias. Patricia Arcati”

    Hola Patricia,
    Usted puede inscribirse en authorSTREAM de forma gratuita y echa un vistazo a las características libres – http://www.authorstream.com/Register/Dashboard
    Usted también tiene la opción de actualizar a los planes de la prima en authorSTREAM, que le dan más funciones y beneficios.

    – Akash
    authorSTREAM Team

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