Dress your slides better with embedded fonts in PowerPoint 2010

Using your own fonts is “like dressing better or having a nicer business card. It’s subtle, but it works,” says Seth Godin, marketer and author of 13 bestselling books. Seth refers to the use of your own fonts in presentations, instead of the basic ones built in to your computer.

These fonts are available either for free or can be purchased from any reliable website and then installed on your system. Once installed, these fonts can be embedded straight away into your PowerPoint slides.

When you use the fonts that matches well with your subject on the slides, they add a personal touch to a presentation, carry a significant visual appeal, and influence readability. They convey a subtle message, create a friendly mood, add to humour, or give a professional touch to the slides.

For example, if you’re creating a story on April Fool’s Day, ‘Comic Sans’ font has friendly and comic appeal. On the other hand, ‘Times New Roman’ or ‘Arial’ fonts add professional yet friendly appeal to a presentation on company’s financial growth.

Also, an embedded font in the slides stays intact on someone else’s computer, retaining the output of a presentation as you authored. You can also deliver a presentation on any other computer without worrying about the output of the fonts. This is because computers vary in their configurations and the fonts that you’ve used in your slides may not be installed on another system. Embedding of fonts into the slides surely solves your problem.

Here are simple steps to embed fonts in PowerPoint 2010:

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