Learn the 5-step SPARK process for powerful, creative and memorable presentations – Webinar by Emma

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Come February, folks, we have 2 FREE live webinars by Dr Emma Sutton, the Queen of Diamonds and founder of Naked Presenting. Through her very own SPARK process, she will teach you:Webinar 1: How to Prepare Powerful Presentations in an Hour or Less on February 5 at 9 AM PST.AndWebinar 2: How to Keep Your Audience’s Attention Throughout Your Entire Presentation on February 12 at 9 AM PST.Dr Emma Sutton is known for her unique Diamond philosophy to help business…

Thank you for a great 2012!

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We’ve just wrapped up another year and stepped into a new one. 2012 was a Milestone Year for us, in truest of its sense. We aimed higher, tried new things and set new challenges (met them!). We learned, made mistakes, gathered experience, grew wiser – but to top everything off, it was Fun and Memorable!All this while, our biggest achievement was having you with us. Your constant love, support, feedback, appreciation, inputs and delight was our biggest strength.It just wouldn’t…