Valentine Special: A love saga that will touch your heart

Secret meetings, confessions of love, forbidden to marry and daring to elope… the love story of Pyramus, the handsome youth, and Thisbe, the fairest maiden in all Babylonia, was the perfect love story tinged with tragedy.

Like one soul in two bodies, they were truly, madly, and deeply in love with each other.

Only a cracked wall separated the two households and through the gap, the loving words, reached those willing ears. With a kiss planted upon the wall on their sides, they would exchange their goodnights.

But how long could such secret meetings continue? Giving way to the longing in their hearts, the lovers planned to elope into the darkness of the night. They decided to slip into the fields and meet each other at the foot of the mulberry tree near the fountain.

Thisbe ventured out stealthily wearing a veil and was the first to reach the agreed meeting place. All of a sudden, out of nowhere a lioness with jaws dripping with blood of its last victim approached the fountain to quench its thirst. A horrified Thisbe fled and took refuge in the hollow of a rock. Her veil however fell behind and the lioness picked it up and tossed it around with her bloodied mouth. A delayed Pyramus reached the spot only to see the blood-soaked veil of her beloved maiden. Shattered and woe struck, he cursed himself for causing the death of his lover. “My blood also shall stain your texture,” said he, and drawing his sword plunged it into his heart.

Thisbe came out of her hiding place and saw what Pyramus had done.

O Pyramus, what have you done?” she cried out loud. “Thy own hand has slain thee, and for my sake. I too can be brave for once, and my love is as strong as thine. I will follow thee in death, for I have been the cause; and death which alone could part us shall not prevent my joining thee.” And with these words she took out the sword from his chest and cascaded it into her breast.

The two bodies thus lay buried in one sepulchre, and it is said that the white mulberry tree soaked with their blood continues to bear red berries till this day to honor their love and sacrifice. The love story of Pyramus and Thisbe continues to inspire lovers all around the world.

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