Bringing presentations to Facebook Wall with authorSTREAM Facebook app

Now, upload PowerPoint presentations from within Facebook! Yes, you read it right. authorSTREAM has brought PowerPoint right into the heart, nope, right into the Wall of Facebook with its new, improved app!!! Great, isn’t it?

We won’t be wrong in saying that we’re the only platform at present that lets you play your animated, multimedia presentations on Facebook.

Get our Facebook app today itself and upload that latest presentation of yours, post it instantly on your Wall and share with your Facebook friends. Haven’t we made sharing presentations as simple as uploading your photos?

From now on, it will be very hard for your Facebook friends to differentiate your multimedia presentation from a professional video. Yes! We can pride ourselves by saying that we’re the first to let you retain all PowerPoint effects on Facebook- whether they are animations, music, rehearsed timings or videos in your slide.

Wait, the good news doesn’t end here. You can now Sync your Facebook account with authorSTREAM. Confused what syncing is? It’s very simple. Syncing with authorSTREAM means that when you upload a PowerPoint presentation on Facebook, it automatically gets uploaded on your authorSTREAM account. And vice versa (Presentation uploaded on authorSTREAM appears instantly on Facebook) How simple is that!

If you had already installed our app earlier, you can start using it with added features right away. You would just need to sync your account to make uploading and sharing presentations smoother, faster and more interesting.

So friends, eat on Facebook, drink on Facebook and sleep on Facebook and still do more with PowerPoint with this Facebook app!

Here is what authorSTREAM Facebook app offers you:

  • Upload your presentations on Facebook.
  • Post it on your Wall and share instantly with your friends
  • Share awesome presentations of others on any varied topic or burning issue with friends and contacts
  • Favorite presentations of friends or other authorSTREAM members
  • Watch presentations gone viral on Facebook
  • Sync authorSTREAM and Facebook account
Continue to enjoy the high quality and fast load times as before. And rest assured. Like always we’ll retain the animations, audio narrations and videos in your presentation as you made it.

So, what are you waiting for? Install authorSTREAM Facebook app and start authorSTREAMing on Facebook!

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  1. post sound’s really good !
    Facebook can be a great resource for generating brand awareness. Facebook is becoming popular amongst various age demographics and can be a create interception point for building your relationship with you consumers and prospects.

  2. Great to know all these data. I’m sure many social marketers out there can make their own strategies and techniques on how to improve their social media marketing campagin out of these facts and figures.

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