Presenting the all new Dynamic Embed: Combines the best of Flash & iPad embed

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Michael wants to embed his latest multimedia presentation on his blog. He chooses the Flash embed code, pastes it on his blog and there it is- Presentation plays perfectly. Then one morning, he gets a call from his student saying he’s unable to view the same presentation on his iPad. Michael learns that Flash embed code that he used to embed his presentation is incompatible with non-flash devices. He looks for a solution and finds out that authorSTREAM provides iPad embed…

This Memorial Day, let’s honor brave soldiers who kept the faith and fought the fight

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A mother receives a telegram of the death of her three sons in war on the same day. Her fourth son, also out on the front, is learnt to be alive. To save an entire family from being wiped out, the sole-surviving son is rescued from behind the enemy lines and brought home to his mother. American history has many unsung heroes. The mother who united with her only-surviving son perhaps was luckier than many American mothers who sacrificed their…

authorSTREAM partners with for 3rd consecutive year for its 5th Annual Conference, 2013

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We are pleased to announce that we have been chosen for the third time in a row as the official Presentation Partner of the 5th Annual Conference, 2013, being organized by on June 8, 15 and 28 in Bangalore, Delhi NCR and Singapore respectively. The conference will bring together senior officials of higher educational institutes and HR professionals of industries on one platform to strengthen the existing channels of placement, explore new ones and offer the best job prospects to…

Calculate your presentation’s Return on Investment (ROI)- Webinar by Yancey of Empowered Presentations

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Imagine spending six days, five nights and long hours making a presentation on a creative brief for your clients. The D-Day arrives, you present one after another slide full of text, bullet points and complicated charts and the audience are thinking in their mind: Please let it be OVER… That color matches my tie… I can’t see what’s written on these slides… My eyes are burning… Zzzzzz… No guesses needed. Clients are not impressed and reject the creative brief. In…

University of Texas System chooses authorSTREAM as Presentation Partner for IOL Conference

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We take a lot of pleasure and pride in being associated with prestigious conferences hosted around the world. That’s right! authorSTREAM is partnering with another prestigious international event as the official Presentation Partner. This time it’s the 9th annual Innovations in Online Learning (IOL) Conference to be held from May 22 – 24, 2013, in the beautiful Alamo City, Texas. authorSTREAM will be the exclusive home to all the presentations delivered by educators and leaders during this three-day event. The conference is…