Features, Quality of Service make authorSTREAM the best presentation sharing platform for Nubia

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This feature is first in the series of authorSTREAM Customer Stories. Through this, you can learn how our customers leveraged authorSTREAM services to enhance their personal, educational or business interests or simply to give expression to their creativity.  Nubia Isa, living in the magnificent Bretagne, France, is addicted to making presentations. Managing accounts in a medical company, presentations for her are a window to a whole new world out there. Through stunning images, touching music and beautiful animations, her multimedia…

Don’t kill the classroom star with PowerPoint, please!

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“PowerPoint doesn’t kill presentations, people do.”  How true! A bad presentation and an atrocious use of PowerPoint surely kills the fun of learning. Used appropriately, PowerPoint on the contrary can make classroom learning livelier for students. But what about children with learning difficulties, children having disabilities that make it harder for them to learn than most other children of about the same age? Can PowerPoint be a great tool of learning for them? Definitely, even more so! Used in the right manner,…

Are online presentation sharing platforms changing the way you create presentations?

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Is it true that people have started creating presentations the way they appear on online presentation sharing platforms, and not the way they want it to be? Have people forgotten how to create multimedia presentations because many online platforms do not support multimedia elements?Consider this- Instead of multiple words smoothly appearing one after the other like a song (thanks to animations), people now prefer to use one word on each slide to create the effect they intend. Why? Simply because…

An ode to a Father from a loving son…

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The true spirit of Olympics was witnessed in 1992 Olympics of Barcelona. It was 400 meters sprint semi-final. All athletics took their mark. Starting pistol was fired in the air and all sprinted forward towards the finish line. Derek Redmond, British record holder for the 400 meter sprint, snapped his hamstring in the middle of the race track.  Olympic dreams crashed to the ground, he got up and limped towards the finish line. His loving father watching the turn of…

10 ways to help you accompany FEARLESS attitude on every sales call!

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Are you a salesperson? Struggling with a number of issues? Afraid of losing a deal, of failing, of disappointing your boss and yourself?Take a deep breath, sit back and watch insightful presentation, “Overcome your fear of selling” by Abhishek Shah, CEO of Appitive.com, a modern business portal that brings updates from the world of business, social media, technology, entertainment and more. Abhishek has 13+ years of experience in selling, managing, building and leading sales organizations regionally and internationally.In this beautifully…