7 Must Do’s for Presentation Success

Are highly successful speakers born or are they made? Is speaking and presenting before an audience an art or a craft? Can you become a successful speaker overnight?

It’s easier to answer these questions once you have watched Dr. Michelle Mazur’s presentation “7 Habits of Highly Successful Speakers.” 

Dr. Michelle Mazur is a well-known Speech Coach and Presentation Skills Trainer. Her webinars and training sessions, including those on authorSTREAM, are highly popular. In one of her blogs, she has confessed that in her childhood, she too dreaded public speaking! Today, she is known for her unconventional presentation style. She helps clients overcome their presentation jitters, step on the stage with confidence and leave a big impact on the audience with their presentation.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Speakers

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Have you ever stood up before an audience and given a speech? Was the experience bitter or sweet? We would love to hear about it. Who knows your story might inspire others or help them present more confidently when they step up on that ‘dreaded’ stage.

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