authorSTREAM gives presentations a global reach, says Rajiv Bajaj

This feature is part of our series of authorSTREAM Customer Stories. Through this, you can learn how our customers leveraged authorSTREAM services to enhance their personal, educational or business interests or simply to give expression to their creativity.

Rajiv Bajaj, based in the capital of India, New Delhi, is a man of many facets and a presenter par excellence. He refuses to believe in the cliché ‘Sky’s the limit’ when there are footprints on the Moon.

On the professional front, he has achieved excellence in diverse arenas, difficult for one man to achieve in a lifetime. He has worked for over two decades in the airline industry, including the National Carrier, and Air Mauritius Ltd, where he headed the Northern region for over ten years.  He has also served as the Director and COO of a travel company that specializes in representation of overseas tourism products and B2B marketing of tourism and travel related products. Sought after by academic institutes, airline industry, tourism sector, organizations holding conferences, he now offers consultancy and training in all these areas.

On the personal front, he has triumphed over the ups and downs of life and emerged stronger and motivated. “To me, staying motivated now is as important as eating to stay alive. It is like the nutrition that helps me grow,” he says. Even though thousands eagerly follow his motivational programs every day, he shies away from calling himself a motivational speaker. His statement, “I still have a lot to learn, and prefer to think of myself as a student with an insatiable quest for more,” reveals his down-to-earth attitude. 

Through his blogs, speeches, lectures, and especially PowerPoint presentations, he zealously inspires others to push boundaries. No wonder, two of his presentations on authorSTREAM (Robin Sharma’s 21 Tips for Productivity and How to do more with PowerPoint) got embedded on the website of international magazine Entrepreneur. Presentations for him are a form of expression that no other medium can match. Says Rajiv, “The right image, used in conjunction with the right message, can make an impact like nothing else can.”  

He shares with us how he stumbled across authorSTREAM and became one of the most followed users on this platform:

authorSTREAM is my ideal choice for event branding
A presentation that is well prepared and shared on an online medium like authorSTREAM, and further shared on social networking platforms, can easily become popular in a very short span of time. authorSTREAM has all the capabilities that one requires for branding any event, be it sharing of presentations online, or further sharing them on social networks, which makes it my ideal choice for event branding. Being a mobile-friendly site as well, the reach and potential of authorSTREAM is now phenomenal.

authorSTREAM helps build personal brand like no other
authorSTREAM has been instrumental in whatever success I have achieved today, be it in terms of the popularity that my presentations have gained, or in terms of the number of followers that I currently have. It is all thanks to my presence on authorSTREAM, without which it would have been very difficult for me to achieve this kind of reach.

When it comes to building my own brand, I do have my own website where I showcase my work. However, instead of uploading my presentations directly, I prefer to embed my presentations which are already running on authorSTREAM. I love the capability of using the embed code, which helps to keep my site’s page-load time low, and the result is a seamless integration of the authorSTREAM presentation on my own web page. Apart from this, my presentations on authorSTREAM also help me get more traffic for my site – the average being 5 to 10 referrals per day from authorSTREAM alone. The success of my site can be directly attributed to authorSTREAM.

Apart from this, several of my presentations on authorSTREAM are being run as embeds on various sites and blogs across the world, which in turn has helped me to build my own personal branding in a way that no other medium could have.

authorSTREAM gives presentations a global reach
Whatever popularity that my site enjoys today, is largely due to the authorSTREAM embeds that I run on my site. It has given my presentations a global reach and I am humbled when many individuals, organizations and educational institutions request me for my presentations, which many of them are using as training material in their own sessions.

 I have tried several other platforms, but none of them perform like authorSTREAM does, which is the reason why my presentations first get uploaded on authorSTREAM, and then on any other media. And even though the same presentation may be running on another platform, the number of hits that I get on authorSTREAM are far more than any other platform.

I doubt whether my work would have found such a large audience, had it not been for authorSTREAM’s global audience.

Challenges I faced before joining authorSTREAM
I was using other platforms before I stumbled across authorSTREAM, and honestly, none of them were even close to what one takes for granted now on authorSTREAM. No other platform is even remotely close when it comes to retaining animations and sounds, and at the same time retain the image quality as well.

The platforms that I tried earlier had many issues. For example, I use images as the background for my slides. I adjust the image quality for each slide, so as to enable the text to be visible over the images, without blocking out the image itself. On other platforms, after conversion, I noticed that the image adjustment (brightness / contrast / watermark effect etc) was lost and the text tended to blend into the background, rather than being visible. Also, none of them retained the animations, audio or pre-rehearsed timings.

How I came across authorSTREAM
Thanks to Google. I was searching for presentations on a particular subject, and on the first page of the results was a presentation listed on authorSTREAM. That’s when I explored it and found it to be much more user friendly than any other platform that I had used before. I immediately registered as a user and there has been no looking back since then. Although I still share my presentations on another platform, which I consider second-best after authorSTREAM, it is authorSTREAM that meets my requirements the best.

How authorSTREAM helped me overcome my challenges
The problems that I had faced earlier, for example, the image quality deterioration, rehearsed timings etc, were not present in authorSTREAM. When I upload something on authorSTREAM, I am confident that it would come out right in the first shot. It is rare that I would have to re-upload something due to a conversion issue. Moreover, if the font used, for example, is not compatible, it warns me accordingly, so that I can make the required changes well in time. Also, most of my presentations are image-dependent, and I am happy to say that there is hardly any image quality distortion after conversion, which helps me to get my message across clearly, without any issues.

Then there is the video conversion feature that I simply fell in love with. I recently used it to convert the “Ayanaant (outbound travel thought leadership meet held in June, 2013 in New Delhi)” presentation to video and the result was a great video that we used for the promotion of the event as well.

Features of authorSTREAM I love using
I love the way it retains the animation, retains the image quality, and the rehearsed timings. That, coupled with the ease of upload, the great social share features, and a fantastic embed code make it stand out way ahead of the others.

authorSTREAM Desktop is the best authorSTREAM feature
In particular, I love the authorSTREAM Desktop and its unique ability to upload the linked audio as well and automatically converting it to the video format. This is something that I haven’t come across anywhere else. When I first installed it, I was apprehensive about putting an add-in to PowerPoint. Now I simply cannot do without it. Hats off to authorSTREAM guys for making it so simple to share the presentation directly from PowerPoint.

authorSTREAM vis a vis other platforms
Why even bother to compare authorSTREAM with other platforms? Others do not come even remotely close to authorSTREAM. 

authorSTREAM is way ahead, and will always be my preferred medium for sharing my work. All the others have a lot of catching up to do with authorSTREAM.

Improvements I like to see in authorSTREAM
Facebook Comments integration would greatly improve the user’s interaction with the audience. By default, when one visits the presentation page, the comments are visible by Social Ranking, which means that the latest comments are hidden, till one uses the drop-down menu to select the Reverse Chronological order. As a result of this, on many occasions I have missed responding to the comments, simply because they were not visible at first glance. If the default comments visibility could be changed to the most recent ones appearing first, this problem would not arise.

My review of this platform
By far, the best platform for sharing presentations that I have used – and I have used several in the past. None of them has the capabilities that authorSTREAM has, and the embed feature forms the very backbone of my own site, which has gained a huge popularity globally – all thanks to authorSTREAM. What would I do without you guys! Keep up the great work.

Watch Rajiv’s PowerPoint presentations. The presentation below was embedded by international magazine Entrepreneur on their website. 

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