“Every great love starts with a great story.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

They didn’t agree on much. In fact, they rarely agreed on everything. They fought all the time and they challenged each other everyday. But inspite of their differences they had one IMPORTANT thing in common. They were crazy about each other.

Nicholas Sparks best-selling novel “The Notebook” and later adapted into a movie by the same name gave us one of the best love stories and some of the most touching lines that can make anybody go weak kneed.

It tells the story of an ordinary man Noah and his extraordinary love for his wife Allie. Their love story starts on one fine, young summer evening. For Noah, it’s love at first sight. Allie takes time but eventually falls head over heels in love with him. Unfortunately, the ‘rich girl, poor boy’ difference is too much for Allie’s mother to handle. She takes her away and the young hearts are separated from each other. 

Love however has its own way of bringing people together. Noah and Allie meet after 14 years and reunite to marry and grow old together. As destiny would have it, Allie becomes a patient of Alzheimer’s and forgets her love, even their children. The doting husband becomes a stranger to her. 

Days go by and then months. From a friendly stranger Noah becomes a confidante. They start seeing each other everyday. 

“One day he tells her a story of two teenagers Noah and Allie who fall in love only to get separated. 14 years pass by. Allie gets engaged to another man. One morning, she comes across Noah’s photograph in the local newspaper. She decides to pay him a visit. The love rekindles when they meet. Noah wants her back but she has to choose between love and promise.”

A flash of memory brings everything back to her, she remembers that the young Allie in the story is no one else but herself and Noah is her beloved. She asks him “How much time do I have before I forget”? Noah says “Maybe a few hours. Some days, it’s just a few minutes.”

He holds her in his arms and they dance. He looks into her eyes only to find her lost again. Noah is heartbroken. But he won’t give up on his love. Every day as a ritual, he narrates her the same story and waits for her to come back to him. Some days the clouds part, and some days they do not… 

Love is eternal as it was for Noah and Allie. 

Is it for you too? Share with us your love story and we’ll be more than glad to publish it.

Love is when…

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