‘Get Those Darned Bullet Points Off Your Slides’

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Consider this: “Would you pay good money to watch a movie that has 2 hours of bullet points? Would you go to YouTube and watch clips that have only bullet points? And would you play a videogame that has bullet points?If we expect entertainment in all these forms of visual media, why the double standard for PowerPoint which is just another visual medium?”Robert Lane, the founder of Aspire Communications, strongly hammered the need for overhauling the presentation environment during his one-hour…

[Free Webinar] Unleash “The Power of the Story” in your next presentation

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“To involve people at the deepest level you need to tell stories.” Harvard Business Review 2013It’s a common misconception that presentations dealing with mathematics, science, law or business can’t have stories. And so presenters continue to bore audiences by dumping uninteresting facts and mind-boggling numbers and charts on their slides. Yes, facts lend credibility to your story but as legendary screenwriting coach Robert McKee said, “People are not inspired to act on reason alone…The key to their hearts is story.”Do…

Think twice before using that visual in your presentation!

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What’s the first word or thought that comes to your mind when you see this visual? Beauty. Art. Isolated. Exhibition. Artist. Blank. Thinking. Dilemma. Painting. Reflection. Femininity. Choice. Solitude. Lost. Photography. Antique. No, these are not hints, but the responses given by a group of people around me when I showed them the same image and asked their thought. Diversely surprised!  An image, they say, is worth a thousand words. Indeed it is. But those could be a thousand different…

Earth Day 2014: Is your city ‘Green’?

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Last year, the Earth Day Network celebrated the Earth Day with an inspiring theme “Are you the face of Climate Change.” This year, they have widened the ambit of this theme to go beyond the individual and encompass the city in which we live in. The theme of Earth Day 2014 is thus “Green Cities“. Are you living in a green city? What exactly is a Green City? Is it a city which boasts of the maximum green cover? That…

Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter. Here’s a look at Holy Week!

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Image Credit: Presentation by Nubia Group The Holy Week has begun! And so have a multitude of events around the world. Prayers, church mass, silent processions, vigil and liturgies, Easter party, and kids’ favorite Easter egg and Easter bone hunts.  Did you miss watching the Palm Sunday service on April 13 at St. Peter’s Square? Creating a history of sorts, Pope Francis stunned 100,000 Vatican crowd by abandoning his prepared homily and speaking off-the-cuff to the crowds. Later, he climbed…