40 Brilliant Ads You Just Can’t Afford To Miss!

Image from the ad campaign: Bangalore Traffic Police: Don’t Talk While Driving by Mudra Group, India

What you’re about to read is shocking:
“Women shouldn’t have rights
Women shouldn’t vote
Women shouldn’t work
Women shouldn’t box.”

Now, here’s something even more shocking:

“Women need to be put in their place
Women need to know their place
Women need to be controlled
Women need to be disciplined.”

These are real, suggested search terms from Google’s autocomplete feature! Using this auto-complete truth, UN Women released their ad campaign in 2013 with a powerful message “Women should be seen as equal.” The campaign shocked the world and instantly became a viral success.

Advertisements are often vehemently attacked as objectifying women, promoting shameless consumerism, lowering people’s self-esteem, and even leading to accidents (ever been hypnotized by a giant billboard while driving?) and pretty much almost all evils of the 21st century.

We forget to credit ad makers who use this powerful medium to spread awareness against atrocities, cruelty and reckless behavior. Whether its environment protection, safe driving or campaign against violence, some of these ads shake us out of our slumber and indifference and force us to THINK.

Here’s a presentation showing some really powerful social awareness ads that will shock you and inspire you to share it with others:

More PowerPoint presentations from avalok

Hats off to these ad creators for dispelling the common notion that advertising is an unwanted, evil force. As ‘Father of advertising’ David Ogilvy said, “Advertising is only evil when it advertises evil things.

Have you seen any ad that really touched you and forced you to stop and think? Share with us in the comments below.

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