Give the Perfect 10/10 “Best Man” Speech!

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It’s the BIG DAY! No, it’s not your wedding. It’s your best buddy’s wedding and you are THE BEST MAN!  That’s a great honor. But with this great honor comes great responsibility. And the biggest and the most terrifying responsibilities of all: you have to give the best man speech! In front of hundreds of guests whose expectations are high. Sky high. You have to make them laugh, then make them cry, tell a story, address the bride, thank the…

5 Ways to Massively Improve Your Presentation Content

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Day in and day out, we see lowly presentations with half-hearted bullet points come through our doors looking sad as wet dogs. Sometimes it feels like presentation writers don’t know where to begin, don’t care enough about their topic, or just plain don’t care. Wake up, presenters! You can make content so strong, people will think that Hemingway, Dickens, and Shakespeare all collaborated on it! Start with these five tips before you begin writing:  1. Forget Everything You Know(ish) The…

Don’t let your brand go unnoticed!

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Your brand churns out a lot of great presentations. You even get lot of views on them. But are you sure viewers are paying attention to your brand while consuming it? Or do they just consume the content and go away? Here’s what you need to do to ensure that users notice your brand the next time they view your presentation on authorSTREAM:  1) Display your Banner on the Presentation Page: It’s time you start using the most popular form…

You give PowerPoint a bad name!

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Have you experienced ‘Death by PowerPoint’? That horrifying moment when you feel those ugly bullet points on slides might actually come out of the screen and kill you. Or the mind-numbing text on slides might lull you to a sleep never to wake up again. Or the sinking of heart beat knowing that you’ll have to listen to that presenter for another 45 minutes. If you have experienced that death, we are very sorry for you. Now give us an…

authorSTREAM launches Team and Enterprise Plans; rolls out Lead Capture

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Today, we are excited to share two good news with you.The first news is, starting today, you will find two new plans added to our Premium offerings – Team and Enterprise. And the second good news is that all our Premium users can start generating qualified, business leads from their presentations using Lead Capture right away!Team up on authorSTREAM with Team and Enterprise Plans: Setting up a team on authorSTREAM is now a breeze. Educational institutes, small and large sized businesses,…