6 Easy Productivity Hacks To Make Your Business Better

Tips for Improving Productivity for Business

Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer created a flutter in the corporate circle last year when she imposed a ban on work from home. Yahoo’s justification for the move was, “We need to be one Yahoo, and that starts with physically being together.” After receiving flak from all corners, Marissa rose to her defence claiming, “People are more productive when they’re alone, but they’re more collaborative and innovative when they’re together. Some of the best ideas come from pulling two different ideas together.”

On the flip side, more and more companies are offering telecommuting or work from home opportunities and saving million of dollars on real estate and other infrastructure besides reporting satisfied workers. A study by Stanford University found that home working led to a 13% performance increase, of which about 9% was from working more minutes per shift (fewer breaks and sick-days) and 4% from more calls per minute (attributed to a quieter working environment).

A similar debate ensued when Japan introduced the culture of sleeping at work or inemuri as they called it. The Western world was quick to laugh at the idea but studies soon showed that a short ‘power nap’ of 20-30 minutes after lunch boosted the productivity of workers. Google, Procter & Gamble, British Airways, and many more corporate giants have now allowed power napping in offices and even allocated rooms for the same!

Let’s take up perks and privileges now. Google has consistently been rated as the best company to work in. The good life at Google includes among many other things free food, three meals a day, unlimited snacks, candy and beverages (yummy!), play stations, open kitchens, nap pods to relax, permission to bring dogs…the list is actually endless. Google has however shown that good luxuries means good business. In an interview with CBS News, Lazlo Block, Sr. VP People Operations at Google said, “We try to bring as much analytics and data and science to what we do on the people side as our engineers do on the product side.”

Not all companies can be Google, for financial or any other reasons. But there are little things that every company can follow to boost productivity and morale of their workers and thus, grow their business. Here are 6 things you can get started with, according to experts at Square 9:

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Is there any other innovation that can be introduced at workplace to enhance work productivity? And has your business introduced any such change in its work culture? Are the efforts paying off?  Please share with us in the comments below.

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  1. There are pros and cons for each rule or step. It depends on company to company how it will boost up their productivity by following some or many of the steps stated in the video. One of the most important is that flexible working hours which definitely improves the employee productivity. For some companies some steps or tip may not be suitable. It is up to the companies to draw which ones (out of the steps in video) is applicable to them or best suits for improving the efficiency.

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