Here are 15 of the Most Beautiful Places in the World!

Most Incredible Places on EarthWhat a wonderful world!

Our lovely planet Earth looks surreal from space (not that I have been there, just see pictures by NASA or the Oscar winning movie Gravity).

But trust me, it’s not that bad down here too. Wait till you see some of the wonders of the world that’ll make you exclaim “Wow, do they really exist?”. You bet they do!

Take for example Iceland: a wild and beautiful country that offers some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Raging volcanoes, vast glaciers, majestic waterfalls, unique landscapes, and how can we forget the out-of-the-world light show in the sky in winters famously known as Aurora Borealis (image above). And that’s no painting; it is very real. On a clear winter night, the Earth’s magnetic field and gases collide to create this other-worldly spectacle.

It’s not just Iceland that has been graced with all the beauty. Defying all common assumptions, there exists on our planet pink lakes (that’s right- pink) and mountains dyed in a riot of colors. You won’t get tired feasting your eyes on the stunning tulip fields in Netherlands, strolling in awe on Bolivia’s salt lake- the biggest mirror in the world, and romancing with your loved one in Ukraine’s tunnel of love.

Allright, it’s time to stop talking about all these places and see them to believe them. Again some might appear straight out of a science fiction movie or surrealist painting, but mind you they are very real. Watch this slideshow of 15 most beautiful places on Earth:


Did the slideshow miss anything? It must have for there are many more equally stunning places that are out of this world. Share with us your favorite landmark which you dream to visit one day (or are super lucky to have already visited). Put it in the comments section below.


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