How to Embed a YouTube Video in Powerpoint using authorSTREAM Desktop

Embed YouTube Video in Powerpoint Presentation
Adding YouTube or Vimeo videos to your PowerPoint presentation is a great way to ‘Show’ what you want to ‘Tell’. Videos also greatly enhance the multimedia-rich experience of a slideshow.

How do you add videos to your PowerPoint presentation?

Do you copy-paste the video URL in your presentation? That is pretty outdated now. Besides, there’s a danger here. Viewers are directed to YouTube and there’s no resisting the temptation to watch more videos. Oops, you just lost your viewer to YouTube. What to do?

Embed YouTube video in PowerPoint using free PowerPoint add-in authorSTREAM Desktop. Here’s step by step tutorial on how to insert YouTube videos in PowerPoint and do more using authorSTREAM Desktop:

See, it was that easy!

Although you can add videos using PowerPoint functionality, authorSTREAM Desktop is a far superior way to do so. That’s because not only does this cool add-in let you search videos from YouTube and Vimeo within PowerPoint, it also lets you do all this:

  • Advanced Search: authorSTREAM Desktop fetches you better and more accurate search results with its advanced search capabilities. You can refine your video search using parameters like video upload time, view count, rating etc.
  • Preview Videos in PowerPoint: You don’t have to go to YouTube to watch a particular video. authorSTREAM Desktop lets you preview videos right within PowerPoint so that you can quickly choose the best video for your presentation.
  • Add to Collection: Confused which video to use among several good videos? Don’t worry. authorSTREAM Desktop lets you add all of them to collection so that you can quickly retrieve them for later use. The collection remains intact till you close PowerPoint.

Needless to say, the add-in lets you insert YouTube videos you like in slides and create your presentation in a jiffy. And guess what, the add-in also lets you upload the presentation online to authorSTREAM and share it on your social networks like Facebook and Twitter instantly right from your desktop!

Once uploaded, watch your presentation play beautifully as a slideshow exactly the way you wanted them to be seen- including the YouTube videos right within the slideshow. Your viewer is going nowhere, thanks to authorSTREAM Desktop!

Download authorSTREAM Desktop for free!


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  1. Hi authorSTREAM Team, (Sorry I don’t know who is writing this post)

    Thanks a lot for introducing this plugin. I have downloaded it and it is great!

    I used the plug in and it works great. We don’t even need to worry about including the attribution. It does that automatically.

    I am so excited to share this with my friends.

    Thank you. Way to go!

    – Rohan.

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