3 Minutes is All it Takes to Set Up a Live Online Presentation Conference!

authorSTREAM Present Live: Online presentation tools to live broadcast

Scenarios like these crop up way too often:

A student wishes to take feedback from his friends on his presentation assignment before he presents it before the entire classroom the next day.

A teacher wishes to clear doubts of some students enrolled in a distance learning course.

A marketing head sitting in a remote location wants to discuss a marketing proposal with his team members.

What do they do? Yes, there’s no dearth of online meeting services on the web. But what if you want a service which is far too simpler and makes live online meetings possible with click of just a few buttons?

Now try out Present Live on authorSTREAM: the easy-to-use tool to start a quick online presentation meeting.

Amongst all online presentation tools, authorSTREAM has been the favorite choice of thousands of teachers and business professionals to share their multimedia presentations online. Watching your presentation play exactly as you made it: with your voiceover, music, animations, transitions, and rehearsed timings intact- is indeed fascinating.

Taking this awesome online experience one step further, authorSTREAM’s Present Live feature enables you to broadcast your presentations live over the web and discuss presentations live with anyone in any corner of the world. For free! Setting up a live meeting online with Present Live is as easy as counting 1, 2 and 3:

1. Copy the Meeting Room URL: Just log in to your authorSTREAM account and go to My Presentations page. Choose the presentation you wish to broadcast live and copy the Present Live link under the Present Live tab as shown below:Start a live brodcast of online presentation using authorSTREAM

2. Send the link to attendees: Share the meeting room link with your contacts via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. Tell them the time and date of joining the meeting room. All attendees have to do is click the URL, sign in/sign up on authorSTREAM for free and that’s it. Premium membership allows you to keep attendee login optional. They will only be asked to verify their credentials so that as a presenter you can keep track of who attended your conference and for how long.

3. Click the Present Live button to begin: Open the Present Live url in a new window. Or open your presentation and click the Present Live link when you want the live broadcast to begin. Brainstorm and discuss each slide by text chatting with your audience, live. As the presenter, you remain in control of slide navigation and when to end the broadcast.

authorSTREAM Present Live: Online presentation tools to live broadcast

Those 3 steps wouldn’t even take 3 minutes, right! Want more reasons to use Present Live for setting up your presentation conference? Here are some:

  • No downloads required: Present Live works on any modern browser – Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome and Safari. No downloads required for anyone – ever.
  • No limit to meeting size: Invite one or a thousand. Everyone can join.
  • You stay in control: The presenter and not the attendees remain in control. The attendees will remain on the slide the presenter is at that moment.
  • Real time collaboration: Text chat with in-person attendees or remote audiences live.
  • Track participation: Find out who attended the session and for how long.

Try out Present Live today and tell us how your experience was.


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  1. That was helpful. I specially use authorStream to use this feature which is not provided by any of the presentation sharing website. Way to go! 🙂

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