Your presentations are helping competitors’ business more than yours!

Using Presentations to Improve your Business

Surprised? It’s true. Your hard-earned presentations are actually giving business to competitors. How? Here are 2 ways your presentations are driving traffic to competitors’ presentations and other businesses:

Related Presentations

Did you notice the “View More Presentations” column on the right hand side of the presentation player (see image below).

Ads and Related presentations

You might have dismissed them off as quite harmless. You were wrong. That’s where all competitors, who made a presentation on related product, service or idea, get automatically highlighted. If their presentation thumbnail or title is enticing enough, the viewer will definitely want to check out what the presentation has to offer. And if the offer happened to be better than yours, you very innocently gave away a potential customer to your rival. And let’s not forget the recency effect. The last viewed presentation will stay in the viewers’ mind and the first presentation (which was yours) will get filtered out.

Did you know you can turn these related presentations off? Yes, you can if you are subscribed to any of our Premium plansPro as well as Business. Pro membership is available for as low as $4.2 per month. Premium authorSTREAM members can then turn off related presentations by following these steps:

  • Go to Premium Account link
  • Click the Settings option
  • Under Presentation Settings, check ‘Do not show View More Presentations (related presentations) tab on my presentation page‘ checkbox

Turning off ads and related presentation on authorSTREAM

Save the changes and you will no more see related presentations of other authorSTREAM members on your presentation pages or embeds.


Unless you have enabled Google AdSense in which case all the traffic directed to ads from your presentation page yields you extra income, there’s practically no advantage that ads offer to you or your business. Instead, with their luring offers they distract your audience and tempt them to click the ad taking your precious customer away for good. Worse, an ad of a rival business pops up right next to your presentation!

Again, you can shut off all ads from your profile and presentation page. This feature is available to all our premium users- Pro as well as Business. And you do not have to enable or disable any functionality. You will automatically stop seeing ads throughout authorSTREAM website when you log in to authorSTREAM to browse presentations. Plus, your viewers won’t see any ads too while watching your presentations.

So, that’s it. With these two spoilers removed from your page, you can rest assured that focus always remain on your content. Here’s how your presentations will look finally sans any distractions (Your Content is King):

Turning off ads and related presentation to keep focus on your content

So, you got the viewers’ attention focused on your content. That’s great! What now? Check out this bonus tip:

BONUS TIP: Convert these viewers into business leads with authorSTREAM Lead Capture. This feature is available to Premium authorSTREAM members.

That’s not all. As a premium member, you can upload presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF) of large file size, each as big as 1 GB! You also get branded embeds, branded channels, better security for your presentations, and much more. To add power to your presentations, click the button below:

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