India Braces Itself For The Grandest Republic Day Celebration Ever!

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Facts Obama Visit India Republic Day 2015

The largest democracy in the world, India, celebrates the 66th birth anniversary of its Constitution– the longest in the world- this January 26. Needless to say, the highlight of the national celebration is the Republic Day parade at Rajpath, New Delhi: a breathtaking spectacle of immaculate march past, stunning maneuvers by Air Force, and rich cultural display of unity in diversity. Like each year, thousands and millions out of the 1.2 billion Indian population will tune in to watch the…

The Most Iconic Photographs From The Lens Of Steve McCurry

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Photographer Steve McCurry and his photographs

He’s a photographer, one of the finest the world has seen. His works, spanning over three decades, have won him several international awards. Each moment he captured on his lens had a powerful story to tell- a story of human triumph or a tragedy. He however rose to international fame when he took what would become the most recognized photograph in the world- that of the “Afghan Girl.” Steve McCurry, born April 23, 1950, began his stint at photography with…

10 Unfailing Ways to Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick This Time!

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new year resolutions ideas and how to keep them

So what’s your New Year resolution this year? Fair enough, I will tell you mine first. Promise you won’t laugh. Alright, it’s to lose belly fat and become fit (I am sure you laughed). So have I hit the gym already? No (I know you laughed harder now). Well, it’s freezing in my part of the country and I am fully determined to start exercising from the next month. My New Year resolution starts from February and for your kind…

21 Quotes to Begin Your Presentation With a BANG!

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Quotes to start or open a presentation

“This year, I am going to deliver the best presentation ever. I’ll work hard on my presentation skills and leave the audience wowed in the end.” It’s every presenter’s wish. For some, even a New Year resolution. But very soon, that inspiration wanes and presenters slip back into their old, predictable, run off the mill style that dozes off the audience to an eternal sleep. Let’s not repeat that sad story this New Year. No more boring “Hi, I am…

The 9 Best Presentations of 2014 You Have To Watch!

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Best presentations of the year 2014 on authorSTREAM

Woohoo! I had a great time this year surfing through hundreds of presentations on authorSTREAM. The Oscars, Cannes, FIFA Football World Cup, US Midterm Elections, Public Speaking Tips…there were so many amazing slideshows to watch. Luckily, all the best presentations from around the world are showcased every day on authorSTREAM featured section. Each presentation has all the hallmarks of a blockbuster presentation. Good content. Check. Beautiful design. Again check. Inspiring, informative and entertaining- check, check, check! Since it’s the year…