The 9 Best Presentations of 2014 You Have To Watch!

Best presentations of the year 2014 on authorSTREAM

Woohoo! I had a great time this year surfing through hundreds of presentations on authorSTREAM. The Oscars, Cannes, FIFA Football World Cup, US Midterm Elections, Public Speaking Tips…there were so many amazing slideshows to watch.

Luckily, all the best presentations from around the world are showcased every day on authorSTREAM featured section. Each presentation has all the hallmarks of a blockbuster presentation. Good content. Check. Beautiful design. Again check. Inspiring, informative and entertaining- check, check, check!

Since it’s the year end and the time to celebrate the best of 2014, how can we forget to honour the best presentations of this year. Here are the presentations I believe deserve this special honor.

P.S. I have tried to keep it as objective as possible (Have not even included my favorite presentation made by me Wishing you one-in-a-minion New Year. Oops, I just did).

Ole Ola! 2014 Brazil World Cup: The Fans by Nubia

Put your flags up in the sky, And wave them side to side, Show the world where you’re from,
Show the world we are one…Ole ole ole ola. Nubiagroup’s presentation on FIFA World Cup 2014 is definitely on my favorites list. Listening to the World Cup anthem and watching football fanatics rooting for their teams really pumped up my adrenaline. It will surely get you pumped too!


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The Flip Side! The Other World Cup by Empowered Presentations

Speaking of FIFA, I never believed there existed another, less famous football world cup till I watched a presentation on The Other World Cup by Empowered Presentations. There aren’t thousands of screaming fans in this world cup. But each player plays for something bigger than money, fame or fortune. They play for a second chance in life- a life of dignity. It’s called the Homeless World Cup (HWC); a beautiful initiative worthy of our attention.


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Sexy Slides! Polish your Bad Slide in Easy Steps by SketchBubble

Before coming across the presentation below by SketchBubble, I believed my slides were cool. I was wrong. This eye-opening presentation showed how amateur presentation designers like me could polish our slides to create sexy slides like a pro. That too by following a methodical, easy to follow step by step approach. Check it out, you’ll love it too!


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Goodbye Crappy PowerPoint! Fix your Bad PowerPoint by SlideComet

Everyone who’s keen on improving his presentation skills must have read about Seth Godin. The author of 18 international bestsellers, an entrepreneur, market and public speaker has an amazing knack of sharing simple things we so easily overlook. Taking inspiration from his presentation wisdom, SlideComet crafted another out-of-the-world presentation that really opens up your eyes as to how you should present, why you should present in the first place and how you can fix a bad PowerPoint into an amazing one. Trust me, you can’t afford to miss it.


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How Romantic! The Weird History of Valentine’s Day by Ethos3

Did you know the Valentine’s Day began with a wild Roman fertility party in about 700 BC! A party that involved drinking, nudity and sacrifice. I didn’t. Ethos3, award-winning presentation design agency, seized the most romantic day of the year to make us fall in love with their presentations. You can count on them to take mundane, ordinary stories and turn them into something extraordinary. That’s what they did with this history lesson on Valentine’s Day.


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No laughing matter! How to Add Humor to Your Ted Talks by Akash Karia

All of us want to be funny when we present on the stage and entertain our audiences to the fullest. That’s easier said than done, right. Public Speaking Coach Akash Karia showed the way by revealing the secret strategies that the funniest Ted speakers employed to add humor to their Ted Talks. These tricks actually work! Wait till you try them out.


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Go The Zen Way! Wisdom in PreZENtations by Akash Bathla

Wisdom is everywhere around us. In the clock ticking by our bedside, in the toothbrush we use, in the shoes we wear, in the blogs we read… even in the presentations we see each day! That’s what the Wisdom in PreZENtations tells us. “Don’t just blabbler, have something worthwhile to say”, “Transitions are unavoidable but you can always make them interesting”, “Put things in contrast to get a better view.” Isn’t that deep! This presentation really inspired me to follow the Zen way of life. As well as the PreZENtation way!


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Powerfully Shocking! Brilliant Social Awareness Ads by Avalok

Ads are a powerful medium to bring about change. Change for good. That’s what these brilliant social awareness ads put together by Avalok seek to do. Hats off to these creative advertisers for proving once and for all- That all advertising is not evil.


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Wake Up! Water Crisis Around the World by Maps of the World

1 in every 7 people across the world don’t have access to safe drinking water. It’s not just the less developed countries that are facing acute water shortage. Shockingly, developed countries like Australia and China are too. Maps of the world highlighted the top 12 countries that are facing severe water crisis:

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These were the presentations I loved the most this year. Is there any presentation which deserved to be in this list and I unfortunately missed. Please, please do share in the comments below.

Looking forward to see some amazing presentations from all of you this New Year!


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