23 Technology Facts We’re Sure You Never Knew!

Interesting Technology Facts

Look how much the world can change in 40 years (To be more specific, look how much technology can change the world in 40 years).

On April 3, 1973, a Motorola employee Martin Cooper stood in front of the New York Hilton on the Sixth Avenue holding Motorola DynaTAC: the first ever commercial mobile phone. It wasn’t a tiny handset that could easily fit into your pockets. Instead, it was 30-ounce something and nine-inch long handset that the world had never imagined. (see Martin Cooper holding the iconic phone in the picture below.)

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

On this defining day, Cooper made the world’s first mobile phone call. Whom did he call and what did he say? Nothing romantic like, “Look darling, I am calling you from a cellular phone” and the darling shouting back “What phone?” Interestingly, Martin Cooper called up his rivals at AT&T in New Jersey, who too were working on building the first mobile phone! Martin spoke to the head of research department and is believed to have said, “I am ringing to see if the call sounds good at your end.”

Smart move, right! Though the Motorola DynaTAC took a decade to get the FCC clearance, yet the cellular technology had put the change in motion. Television and Hollywood made sure the innovation became a fashion statement. Zack Morris, popular fictional character from the sitcom Saved by the Bell, used it so much that the phone began to be called “Zack Morris Brick Phone.” Christian Bale too boasted off holding this phone in hand in the 2000 black comedy film American Psycho. It’s 2015 and look where we are today: Tiny mobile phones with massive memories fitting easily into our pockets!

Even more interestingly, you can still buy these brick phones in the market and use them to connect with your loved ones, if you are a 90s lover!

Here are 23 facts about technology (we already told you one) that will surely surprise, shock or amuse you:


23 Facts About Technology Which Will Amuse You

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