Rainbows on Earth: The Most Colorful Cities in the World

Colorful cities Burano Island, Italy

Burano Island, Italy

Which are the happiest cities in the world? The most colorful ones!

It’s difficult to stay morose even for a second when you are surrounded by bright, shining colors 24×7, 365 days a year. Packed with a palette of hues, some cities can even transport you into a fairytale world.

Speaking of fairy tales, have you watched the movie Smurfs? Or at least seen those fictional, little blue creatures in posters or on social media? Let me take you to their city: Juzcar in Spain. That’s right, Juzcar is officially the only Smurfs village in the world. Draped in blue, this picturesque hamlet was once a collection of white-washed villages. A brilliant idea by the Sony Pictures to promote their movie Smurfs and support by locals transformed this city into one of the most colorful cities in the world and a tourist hotspot. Imagine the difference a color can make!

From Spain, let’s move to Argentina (No football worship here!). La Boca, the neighbourhood of Argentine capital Buenos Aires, is a sensory delight. As you walk down the legendary Caminito street, it’s not just the Tango that lifts your spirits up. The brightly painted houses are an artistic wonder and it’s difficult to believe that they were made up of corrugated zinc and other scrap materials found near the shipyard.

Then there is India’s blue city Jodhpur and pink city Jaipur, la perle de la France (The Pearl of France) Menton village, the favelas (or shanty towns) of Rio de Janeiro, once war-torn now a majestic city Wroclaw in Poland, the financial center of Northern California San Francisco, and many more.

Words can’t do full justice to the beauty and color of these cities. Watch the slideshow below to enjoy the visual feast and make plans to visit some of these, if not all:

World’s Most Colorful Cities

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So apparently, rainbows aren’t only in the sky. They are shimmering bright on the doors, windows, and walls of countless dwellings in the world’s most colorful cities.

Are you lucky to be living in any of these cities? Wish of these colorful cities would you like to visit very soon? Tell us in the comments below.

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