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You’ve delivered one of your best presentations, and the audience wants you to share the slides. Yes, you can share those slides – there’s nothing in those slides that cannot be shown to the entire world? And yet, you don’t want others to get your actual deck, just in case someone edits your slides and uses them elsewhere? Does that matter? Well, it does seem to matter to so many people. Are you one of them?

Slide upload sites like authorSTREAM provide the best options for you in this case. It’s easy – all you do is upload your PowerPoint deck, a PDF, or even your Apple Keynote deck. Then make sure that you disable download of your actual slides. Then you share a URL with whomsoever you want, and they can all see your slides within any web browser. They can even access your slides on tablets and Smartphones.

And if your deck is cool, word will soon spread and maybe thousands and thousands of people will view your slides.

So will your slides look as good as the originals you uploaded? Most of the time authorSTREAM does a great conversion of your slides to work within a web browser. Yet there are a few times when some housekeeping can help. Let’s explore further to understand what we mean by housekeeping.

One of the best housekeeping tasks you can do is actually not before but after a presentation is uploaded! Once uploaded, check all your slides carefully. Then make a note about which characteristics did not translate well. Sometimes, your text may be in a different font. At other times, some animation may be a little less accurate. At other times, the fill qualities of your text or shapes may differ. To be honest, many of these changes may not matter a whole lot – but yes, there are times when you want more control. If you want the results to be perfect, then there is no stopping you – but you will have to work to get them perfect!

We will look at three examples here that will help you explore these changes. We will also show how you can use workarounds to resolve this issues.

1. Font Fill Issues

Look at the original slide in Figure 1, below.

Figure 1: Text with fill

Notice the text “Hand Made” on the top left. You will see that the text has a picture fill that provides the scribbled appearance. The picture used for this fill is tiled across the entire text, and set to repeat. When you upload this slide to authorSTREAM, you may see the text resized non-proportionately, as shown in Figure 2, below.


Figure 2: Text with fill resized disproportionately

To resolve this issue, open the original slide in PowerPoint. Select the edge of the text box in question – then carefully right-click to bring up a contextual menu. Choose the Save as Picture option, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 3, below.

Figure 3: Save text as a picture

It’s best to choose PNG as the file type in the resulting dialog box. Thereafter delete the actual text box, and replace with the saved PNG. Your uploaded slide to authorSTREAM will no longer have font resizing issues.

2. Missing Fonts

There are hundreds of thousands of fonts available these days, and these range from the commonplace to the exotic. When authorSTREAM encounters a font that is supported, it does maintain the appearance of your text. But let’s be fair – you cannot expect all fonts to be available on authorSTREAM’s servers. So whenever you use a font that’s not commonplace within your slides, and then upload the finished presentation to authorSTREAM, you could be creating an incompatibility without being aware.

The solution is to use fairly common and standard fonts. If you must use a font that is non-standard, you can convert your text to a picture using the techniques explained on this page – do note that you will need PowerPoint 2013 or a newer version to work with these techniques:

Convert Text to Shapes by Intersecting in PowerPoint 2013

Convert Text to Shapes by Fragmenting in PowerPoint 2013

3. Animation Issues

This is again one of the larger incompatibility issues. I would say authorSTREAM provides around 75% fidelity to your animations – but then there are animation properties like triggers, timed animations, and media interactions that possibly have less importance for a presentation that’s posted on a slide sharing site – compared to something that’s is delivered via a projector in person.So keep your animations simple. That’s sound advice even if you do not plan to upload to authorSTREAM. The less animation you use, the lesser the movement clutter will exist on your slide.


The biggest problems that happen with slides that are uploaded to slide sharing sites such as authorSTREAM all result from lack of simplicity. Simplicity is not the same as lack of design – in fact simplicity requires more design skills.

So keep your slides simple. The next time someone asks you to share their slides, just upload them to authorSTREAM and send them a link. And if you expect that people will ask for slides, then you can upload them to authorSTREAM before your actual presentation – and can then share the authorSTREAM link on your last slide!

Ultimately, some housekeeping, good intentions and simplicity will go a long way in ending up with awesome uploaded slide decks on authorSTREAM.

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