Geetesh Bajaj

Geetesh Bajaj

Geetesh Bajaj is an internationally acclaimed PowerPoint and presenting expert who has been awarded the Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, (Most Valuable Professional) every single year for 14 years now, making him the longest serving MVP in India.

Based out of Hyderabad, Geetesh believes that any presentation is a sum of its elements–these elements include abstract elements like story, concept, color, interactivity, and navigation–and also slide elements like shapes, graphics, charts, text, sound, video, and animation. He extensively trains presenters in corporate houses, media, medical and financial sectors, IT companies, and more.
He has authored 6 books on PowerPoint and presenting skills. His, site attracts more than two million page views each month and has thousands of free PowerPoint templates and other goodies for visitors to download. In addition, Geetesh also issues a weekly PowerPoint newsletter on that has over 120,000 subscribers.

Better authorSTREAM Slides

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You’ve delivered one of your best presentations, and the audience wants you to share the slides. Yes, you can share those slides – there’s nothing in those slides that cannot be shown to the entire world? And yet, you don’t want others to get your actual deck, just in case someone edits your slides and uses them elsewhere? Does that matter? Well, it does seem to matter to so many people. Are you one of them? Slide upload sites like…