Now Upload Presentations from Dropbox, Google Drive & more to authorSTREAM

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Share presentations online from Dropbox Gmail and Google Drive on authorSTREAM

Starting from today, you can easily upload presentations and documents saved on Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, etc. to authorSTREAM. A few clicks on authorSTREAM will now let you connect with your accounts on Dropbox, Box, Gmail, Google Drive, and OneDrive, select PowerPoint or Keynote presentations as well as PDF documents, and upload them straightaway to authorSTREAM. It’s as easy as pick and drop! With this update, you can now safely store all your presentations in one place now i.e. authorSTREAM.…

How to Make A YouTube Video With PowerPoint

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How to Make A YouTube Video Using PowerPoint

How many videos do you have in your YouTube Channel? Do you find making videos a challenge? Never fear: PowerPoint is here! PowerPoint is the simplest way to create a professional looking video in minutes, that too absolutely free. No need to hire professional video makers to create videos for you. No need to download complex, heavy video softwares and then take training to use those. PowerPoint requires absolutely no training at all (unless you call learning how to insert…

Thank You All For a Great 2014!

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2014 Year in review authorSTREAM Presentation sharing online

Another year has gone by and oh boy, it was a great year! 2014 was very special to us and for our 6 million users who wanted more from authorSTREAM. We made sure we didn’t let them down. And so, the favorite PowerPoint sharing platform became the favorite PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF sharing platform. That’s the reason we changed our tagline “Do More with PowerPoint” to “Do More with Presentations”. authorSTREAM happily opened its doors for organizations and universities with…

How to Restrict Your Private Presentation Embeds to Specific Blogs or Websites

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Secure private presentations embeds from being used to other blogs and websites

Whether you are a university, an organization, teacher, or a business professional, you want 100% security when it comes to your private presentations. You do not want your work to be embedded outside your blogs or websites, even if someone manages to get the embed code via HTML source. How do you ensure that? Heard about Domain Restriction? That’s the solution to your worries. Domain restriction allows you to block embedding of your presentation on all blogs or websites except…

How to Embed a YouTube Video in Powerpoint using authorSTREAM Desktop

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Embed YouTube Video in Powerpoint Presentation

Adding YouTube or Vimeo videos to your PowerPoint presentation is a great way to ‘Show’ what you want to ‘Tell’. Videos also greatly enhance the multimedia-rich experience of a slideshow. How do you add videos to your PowerPoint presentation? Do you copy-paste the video URL in your presentation? That is pretty outdated now. Besides, there’s a danger here. Viewers are directed to YouTube and there’s no resisting the temptation to watch more videos. Oops, you just lost your viewer to…