3 Minutes is All it Takes to Set Up a Live Online Presentation Conference!

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authorSTREAM Present Live: Online presentation tools to live broadcast

Scenarios like these crop up way too often: A student wishes to take feedback from his friends on his presentation assignment before he presents it before the entire classroom the next day. A teacher wishes to clear doubts of some students enrolled in a distance learning course. A marketing head sitting in a remote location wants to discuss a marketing proposal with his team members. What do they do? Yes, there’s no dearth of online meeting services on the web.…

Now upload and share PDFs online with authorSTREAM

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Upload and Share PDFs on authorSTREAM

Good news! You can now upload, browse and share PDFs on authorSTREAM. That’s right. authorSTREAM now supports PDFs besides PowerPoint and Keynote. We rolled out this feature in response to the heavy demand for this presentation format from business professionals as well as educators. Whether it is a PDF presentation or a document, you can post them online for everyone to see or share it privately with selected people via authorSTREAM. Our presentation player beautifully handles both portrait as well as…

Convert PowerPoint to Flash with authorSTREAM!

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So, you have worked really hard on making a PowerPoint presentation. Sorry, it’s no use if people can’t view it because they do not have PowerPoint installed on their computer.  Even if they do have them installed, the task of attaching a PowerPoint file on email is way too cumbersome. Luckily, the world has got one of the greatest softwares in Adobe Flash. It’s today the most popular media format be it for viewing videos, movies, and even presentations. Why…

Convert your PowerPoint presentations into HD video

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After bringing to you major PowerPoint to video engine enhancements, today we are excited to announce the launch of HD video conversion for your PowerPoint presentation. Now convert PowerPoint presentations to high quality video- HD video. What is HD Quality Video? HD video means high-definition video which brings you a better picture and sound quality as compared to standard video. In HD quality, you get more lines of resolution as compared to standard video. The more lines of resolution you…