The 9 Best Presentations of 2014 You Have To Watch!

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Best presentations of the year 2014 on authorSTREAM

Woohoo! I had a great time this year surfing through hundreds of presentations on authorSTREAM. The Oscars, Cannes, FIFA Football World Cup, US Midterm Elections, Public Speaking Tips…there were so many amazing slideshows to watch. Luckily, all the best presentations from around the world are showcased every day on authorSTREAM featured section. Each presentation has all the hallmarks of a blockbuster presentation. Good content. Check. Beautiful design. Again check. Inspiring, informative and entertaining- check, check, check! Since it’s the year…

How youngsters are using PowerPoint to have it their way!

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Youngsters and PowerPoint

Imagine sitting in front of your computer and watching a PowerPoint presentation on ‘Why you should allow your kid to go to One Direction Concert’? Or why you should allow your child to host a big party at your place? Or why the latest gadget in the store is a must for your kid? Unbelievable right. But this is actually happening in some homes. Parents are now becoming an audience to PowerPoint presentations made by their ‘loving’ children and taking…

FIFA Football World Cup 2014: A Presentation Album

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Just one look at the painted faces and you know which country they are rooting for:  The green-yellow faces: Brazil Black, red and gold faces- Germany Orange faces: Obviously Netherlands Light blue and white faces- Argentina Yes, all these faces are painted in the national colors. And each face is brighter than the other. And why just the face, some crazy fans can be seen draped from top to bottom in their national flag, some wearing homemade hats, some wearing…

[Free Webinar] Unleash “The Power of the Story” in your next presentation

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“To involve people at the deepest level you need to tell stories.” Harvard Business Review 2013It’s a common misconception that presentations dealing with mathematics, science, law or business can’t have stories. And so presenters continue to bore audiences by dumping uninteresting facts and mind-boggling numbers and charts on their slides. Yes, facts lend credibility to your story but as legendary screenwriting coach Robert McKee said, “People are not inspired to act on reason alone…The key to their hearts is story.”Do…

Earth Day 2014: Is your city ‘Green’?

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Last year, the Earth Day Network celebrated the Earth Day with an inspiring theme “Are you the face of Climate Change.” This year, they have widened the ambit of this theme to go beyond the individual and encompass the city in which we live in. The theme of Earth Day 2014 is thus “Green Cities“. Are you living in a green city? What exactly is a Green City? Is it a city which boasts of the maximum green cover? That…